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Seeking/Offering / Re: offering 2 bed flat or room to rent in preston lancashire
« Last Post by pixiegirl on 19 September 2020, 02:03:00 pm »
Flat is available to rent yes

pms answered x
Questions and Answers / InteracTV Studio/Studio 88
« Last Post by tazmanas on 19 September 2020, 11:20:26 am »
Hi guys
Did somebody work in InteracTV Studio/Studio 88 ?
For me, they every time cancel promo shoot exactly shooting day, 2-3 hours before I need to come. They call me 2 years ago, and i need wait new booking 2-3 months.
So, this studio wrilly work? Or just wanna our money?
Questions and Answers / Re: Bank transfer didn't go through
« Last Post by KBP on 19 September 2020, 10:24:51 am »
I do accept deposits and full payment by bank transfer. They MUST pay when booking and I don't confirm until I check the money is in then move it to another account.

The only bank I've had issue with payment not going through is First Direct.

If someone turned up and expected to pay by bank transfer, I'd show them the door. It happened last year and took me by surprise but luckily the money went through. If it happened now I just wouldn't give them the chance.
Blather and Babble / Re: How not to book an escort,world championships!
« Last Post by PassionFlower on 19 September 2020, 10:18:58 am »
My daily weirds -

"I hope you don’t mind if I share with you the fantasy/dream I have wanted to realise all my life and I’m hoping I can pay you to realise it using the KIK app for me please?

I hope you are not shocked with this fantasy of mine and are not put off by me using the word ‘prostitute’, which is a word I really love and respect.
Here goes: I have always wanted to have a girlfriend who is a prostitute.
This is because I have so much pride and respect for prostitutes and all the good work they do.
If there were ten men queuing up for an appointment with you outside your apartment love, I would happily wait in that queue all day for an appointment to see you and I would feel so proud of you while waiting.
If you were my girlfriend, I would be so proud of you for all the good work you do as prostitute. ??

I’m happy to pay you the right price for meets, video chat & pictures.
Plus I’m happy to pay you a small monthly fee via PayPal to have you as an honest & open friend on KIK to get just a few messages from you each day please telling me how you are, what you have been upto, the number of clients you have seen and been submissive to, so I can feel really proud of you darling and feel like I have a girlfriend who is a prostitute. ??
I’m not asking for you to tell me all the details of what you get upto with clients in your bedroom. I’m just asking for you to be honest with me and tell me the number of clients you see, what you enjoyed about the experiences or what you disliked about them. I just need to know what is on your heart darling like real soulmates.
I would also love to pay you for pictures of yourself in submissive postures or even for pictures of you being submissive to someone else, so I can feel really proud of you love.
Hopefully we can meet up a few times a year also for romantic times between us, which I will happily pay you for separately darling.
Please let me know what you think about being a really close intimate friend and realising my fantasy darling? xx ??"


"I could do a big Rendition of this directly onto your Bedroom wall or on paper which you could have Framed i could do it in Black and white which might look more Erotic on your Bedroom wall its up to you x
Alan" with an attatched pic from my AW profile showing me wearing stiletto boots and PVC stockings and suspender belt...

Anyone want a clingy cuck boyfriend or erotic wall art of unknown quality?  Because I'm just here for cash lol

Blather and Babble / Re: What’s your USP?
« Last Post by SW on 19 September 2020, 09:52:04 am »
PSE, kink and being a BIG squirter. I offer bookings where it is focused on the sex/fetish. I'd rather a sex marathon or roleplay the entire booking than a relaxed GFE. If they want to get straight on it after exchanging cash that's all good with me.
Warnings & Wasters / Re: Forcefully takes money back and tried to steal laptop
« Last Post by amy on 19 September 2020, 09:41:59 am »
Could you please add the location where this happened? A description would be useful too :)
Seeking/Offering / Room - Cardiff
« Last Post by V24 on 19 September 2020, 09:35:04 am »

I have a room to rent in a lovely clean flat in Cardiff Bay for 2 weeks from the 12th October. 

It would be £70 a day including overnight.

Full facilities -  Wifi, TV, Microwave etc.

Must have Adultwork feedback and English speaking.

Please DM in the first instance and we can take it from there.

Warnings & Wasters / Forcefully takes money back and tried to steal laptop
« Last Post by MissB on 19 September 2020, 07:29:58 am »
This horrible man found my number on adultwork and booked oral for 60 but turned up with just 40. I agreed to go ahead anyway. After he came in my mouth he started asking for his money back and tried to take my laptop, scratching and bruising me in the process. I reported him to the police and his number is 078603491**.
Buddy Link-up / Male/Female couple
« Last Post by Shaunashaun on 19 September 2020, 06:31:43 am »
We are a very experienced working Male/Female couple.   We've approached a few couples on AW to maybe "buddy up" but everyone seems to want to keep them selves to them selves?  We're not looking for sex or wife/husband swapping just a bloody good night out or in with a like minded couple who we can talk "shop" with and have a laugh.  Would love to meet a mature working couple or younger.  We're based in Sheffield and can accom and we also tour a lot in London.  If you fancy meeting up sometime please PM us.
S & S x
Blather and Babble / Re: TMJD/ Jaw Pain
« Last Post by EllaUnicorn123 on 19 September 2020, 01:55:40 am »
Hey I’m a cheek biter in my sleep due to bruxism.  I got a night mouth guard off amazon instead of dropping Ps on a custom from the dentist. I suggest that as some people can’t sleep with a mouth guard In so try the easier one first xx
I’ve had botox in my masseters before a couple times and it does help with jaw grinding and clenching but it restricts your smile! And I really think I couldn’t open my
Mouth as wide for oral. I’m not sure though. But it definitely weakened my smile. I let it wear off and just wear the night guard.
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