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Blather and Babble / Re: Mark Brown found guilty
« Last Post by English Green on Today at 09:09:01 pm »
I only saw this today i had no idea this happened last year. Not enough media coverage on this.

Those poor women what they went through and the evil bastard killed her dog too. I hope he suffers and never gets out.

We never know what nutters we meet in this line of work.

"Hi would you trade a phone for an outcall? It's worth £150"
Tempting  :FF
hilarious I remember a few years ago when I was on tour with a friend and a guy wanted to pay us in Debenhams vouchers!! Wtf lol x
Blather and Babble / Mark Brown found guilty
« Last Post by Miss_Manc on Today at 08:47:01 pm »
Horrible bastard murdered two ladies he met via AW.
Be careful everybody, these nasty cunts walk amongst us  :(
RIP Alexandra and Leah.
Yes this is a major problem especially in hotels some are discreet when they come in especially if maids about but some just don't seem to care even if you tell them to be a bit quiet as there voice is too loud they might stop it for 1 minute but then back doing it.

I find it worse if they want to talk about you being a "escort" and how long you been shagging for money right near the door. Just no common sense.

I keep tv on or music to drown them out. One indiscreet guy asked me to turn tv off when maids were near by and he was very loud i said no as you are too vocal i am afraid.

Another thing to look out for if they are shagging you quite hard sometimes the body parts make very loud slapping noises and this can be a problem as people could hear this in the corridors.
Always upfront and not discreetly counted  ;D in front of them.
Blather and Babble / Re: How not to book an escort,world championships!
« Last Post by Steph89x on Today at 05:07:31 pm »
"Hi would you trade a phone for an outcall? It's worth £150"
Tempting  :FF

hahahaha WHAT?!! My god these men!
Questions and Answers / Re: Slow at the minute or just me?
« Last Post by amy on Today at 02:54:36 pm »
Merged - your client is obviously a fan of The Office.

Punters don't know or understand how our job works any more than we understand what being a punter is like, so asking them isn't likely to result in anything helpful (in the same way that asking regulars in a pub how to make it busier is just going to get you lots of 'free drink and food and open 24 hours' type answers) ::);D
Questions and Answers / Re: Slow at the minute or just me?
« Last Post by fun kitty cat on Today at 02:48:54 pm »
Pot noodle & a wank 💦💦
Hi my incoming from escorting has Droped by around 40 - 60% a week.
I’m absolutely dreading January, I was joking with a client the other day about how bad January will be & we were joking it will be a pot noodle & a wank rather than visiting an escort.
It would be interesting to know what your clients think & how they see January going.
Questions and Answers / Re: Slow at the minute or just me?
« Last Post by Helen4444 on Today at 11:42:38 am »
1 booking all week upto now not good here in West Yorkshire
All my incalls are in hotels so keeping noise relatively low is a constant issue. I have music on quietly in the background, more to drown out the sounds from other people walking past outside and from housekeeping staff etc.
Clients have very strict instructions about how to arrive for a booking as quietly and discretely as possible and most remember this on arrival and continue to be fairly quiet.

Just occasionally someone will turn up and have a booming voice. I immediately tell them (with a smile and a wink) that they have a lovely strong voice but that they will need to keep it at a lower volume than usual so that no-one outside the room can hear how much fun we're having together.

Of course there's no accounting for what sounds come out of a man's mouth for those few seconds when they hit peak pleasure elsewhere and rational thinking flies out of the window. Just occasionally, despite their best efforts the other 99.999% of the session, there can be stadium level roars, moans that sound like someone's operating on them without anaesthetic, and gasps as if they've just had a bucket of ice thrown over them. Nothing I or they can do about that really  ;D ;D
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