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Im sure this is frustrating for you.

I don't feel you owe an explanation to your neighbor no matter if it's 3 or 10 clients a week.
Hi everyone and thank you so much for your replies/advice.  I only have a few regulars that visit, and (although I cannot be 100% certain), I pretty much know that they wouldn't "drop me in it", as they really are lovely guys.  Also, how would they benefit? The situation has actually escalated this morning and I'm in tears and am even considering cancelling my bookings.  As I was walking through the front door, another lady approached me (I've seen her before in passing just to say hello to - really, really lovely lady).  Anyhow, she introduced herself and said that she owns a cafe in town (just a few yards from my property). She said that my next door but one neighbour (the one who confronted me), actually went into her cafe yesterday afternoon and said, quite loudly, "did you know that there's a prostitute working a few yards away from here." She said that her response to her was "why would you say that? do you have evidence, and so what if she is, what is it to do with you?" She then went on to say that she says men coming and going, and also said "why would the blinds always be drawn?"  FFSAKE!  If she took note of all the other properties on the street, she would see that ALL the residents have their curtains drawn or blinds down, as the properties are directly facing the street!  I know what I do isn't illegal, but no one knows what I do, and I'd really like it to stay that way.  Anyhow, I suppose it looks like I may have to find somewhere else, but not happy as just signed a six month lease  X

The fact you are only seeing 3 a week which is hardly any this old nosey bag must be at her wondow constant. For her to assume you are a prostitute do you think she has found you're adultwork profile and got someone to ring up or something and does know it is you.

She must be a very sad no life woman to be watching constant to see 3 a week she must be there at the window most of her life.
Questions and Answers / Re: Confronted by neighbour.. What would you do!?
« Last Post by KimD on Today at 02:04:29 pm »
I assume your landlady/lord doesn't know that you escort? Is there something in your tenancy agreement that says you cannot use your residence for work? If the answer is yes to the latter, then you need to be very careful of her finding out.

I suggest you don't use any confrontational language towards the next door but one neighbour as it might just make her even more nasty. Make friends within the community and show them you are a nice person. You need to ride out the 6 months of your agreement with the least aggravation possible and perhaps consider moving if things get too pear shaped.

How horrible for you. Sending hugs.

Questions and Answers / Massaging clients
« Last Post by Sass on Today at 01:21:08 pm »
Hello, forgive me if this is somewhere on the forum already but having searched I can't seem to find anything. I just have some silly questions regarding massaging clients.
I am starting doing full body sensual massage with body to body but I have some questions. I appreciate help from anyone.
When doing erotic massage, do you have your client naked or with underwear on? My thoughts are if they are naked and you are body sliding, (depending on how turned on they are) I would be concerned with coming into contact with bodily fluids i.e. pre cum. I will have my knickers on during massages but may offer naked body to body. How do you ladies do it and what are your thoughts?
Also do you drape towels over your client whilst massaging areas or do you have them lying down uncovered the whole time?
Thanks for any help
Hi ladies

I'm looking for a room to work in Canterbury or surrounding areas. I'm reliable, discreet and very organised. Somethings long term would be great or even a few days per week if you don't have full availability.

Please PM


This is why I think the best clients are the workmen types who arrive in a van and are wearing plumber/plasterer logo teeshirts and that kind of thing, or smartly dressed men with files or brief cases who could be here to sell insurance or do a property survey. The list is endless.  Where I am there is always a delivery van or electrician/estate agent/a host of others coming and going so no one would know who my own visitors are.

If I glance out of my window I can see men arriving and leaving in cars/vans and going to several flats and addresses around me. I don't assume one or two of them may be calling on prossies but they could be!

Curtain twitchers are sad but I think they secretly enjoy the dirty activities they think they have discovered and if they get it stopped then where else do they get their fun and kicks.

Questions and Answers / Re: Receiving oral
« Last Post by MARIPOSA 76 on Today at 12:55:46 pm »
It is a service that I like very much, I have never had problems.

I simply disinfected with soap white vinegar and water, every time I finish a service,

If they want to touch with a finger, I put a condom on their finger
and I tell them to make it very soft and that's the only way they touch me.
 I think I've just been lucky, because I love to do it .....  ;)

but for example I hate the FK, I just do not do it,
I think if you do something that you do not like, it's better not to do it ..... ///
Hey Amalia

You said he was from AW

Do you have a username?
Hey babe unfortunately not

Everyone feel free to PM for full numbers. Be careful ladies  :-* x
Hello, I never let the customers knock on the door,
 I just tell them to call me when they are in the parking
 and so they come more discreetly and not making noises,
it would also be a good idea if you have a rear door and not the front door ...
the most important thing is discretion
Buddy Link-up / Re: Work trip Hong Kong Singapore
« Last Post by ladyofthemansion on Today at 12:05:48 pm »
I was up for it till Cracker went down. X
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