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Questions and Answers / Re: Working at Christmas?
« Last Post by Miss_Manc on Today at 12:33:30 am »
im gonna do it for the first time this year. hotels everywhere seem really cheap! anyone got any suggestions on where would be busy/nice down south?
Today, nearly midnight, he wants me to slap his face, spit on him, pee on him, oral on me. Actually, I quite like that combo.
When I tell him the fee he says-

'Why so much?  :(
'It's a specilised service'
'Fucking hell! :( it's not so specilised is it?...thanks but no thanks' >:(

Blather and Babble / She wasn’t available so I came to see you instead ...
« Last Post by GG on 13 December 2019, 11:54:40 pm »
As it says in the title.

I seem to be getting this ALOT lately !

‘Oh so & so was busy so I booked you instead’

How would you react to this? I’d personally not know I was the second or probably third forth option.
Questions and Answers / Re: Ex threatening to tell my friends family social services
« Last Post by xw5 on 13 December 2019, 11:41:53 pm »
Do a search for 'blackmail' here. The police really do not like blackmailers.
Questions and Answers / Re: Jump start
« Last Post by curvywench on 13 December 2019, 11:17:03 pm »
This has happened me lol, left lights on in a borrowed car, had to jump start him, saw the funny side of it, still have him saved in my phone as jump start haha, seen hi since too
Questions and Answers / Re: Working at Christmas?
« Last Post by cherryfcuk on 13 December 2019, 11:01:27 pm »
Whats your plan ladies will you work or not? have you found it worth working over the period or just taking the time off?
Okay straight to garage or police and get car checked for a tracker and also tell them he is threatening and blackmailing you

Questions and Answers / Re: Advice for potential newbie
« Last Post by Kay on 13 December 2019, 08:42:24 pm »
Hi, I think you'll find a lot of answers within the main SAAFE site, as well as by searching the forum boards, but...

Everyone will have different views on this, but depending on where you are 180 is at the higher end of the GFE price range (many are 120-150), so you may need to experiment based on the specific services you offer etc.

For hotels you want somewhere decent, but accessibility (no key cards) and location, parking etc. are more important than the decor.

DON'T photoshop your lips or anything else, or you risk disgruntled clients. Take some honest and representative selfies. So long as they're clear, they'll do fine. Accurate photos will save you potentially negative reviews or walkouts.

The risk of oral STIs is low but real. Just get regular throat swabs; face fucking, deep throat, CIM, snowballing all increase the risk. It is pretty difficult to catch anything receiving oral.

I'm not sure there's much of a demand for lesbian escort services.

I'd say overall GFE is more popular than domming.
Questions and Answers / Re: Working at Christmas?
« Last Post by Well Then on 13 December 2019, 08:13:19 pm »
I’m thinking of doing it this year, not feeling in the mood to celebrate Christmas this year.
Warnings & Wasters / Re: London overnight scammer: rough and won't pay
« Last Post by Nadya on 13 December 2019, 07:17:32 pm »
I also had no rating at the time either.  Not sure if he reads this thread and suspected it was me, but he dropped me not long after I posted here, I suspect he knew I was on to him.

Slimeball, I hope he rots in jail.
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