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Questions and Answers / Re: Coping with this heat
« Last Post by chocoholicgirl on Today at 10:20:22 am »
I have a Logik fan that cost £20 and it's great and very portable. I bought it after returning some Dyson thing that cost £400 and was rubbish. My logik fan is much better.
Blather and Babble / Re: Do you feel like you’re missing out?
« Last Post by ana30 on Today at 10:12:24 am »

Essentially I am focused to accomplish what you have done ages ago, but massively worried that whilst I am on it, I’ll be past my “best years” and we know the dating options begin to diminish after 30 (sorry!).

Where did you get that from??? I'm in my mid 40's and I have no issues dating, I'm actually more popular now than when I was 26!. What DOES diminish after 30 is your reproduction capacity, yes you will start producing less ovules. Getting pregnant is definately more difficult when you're 36 than when you're 26. If you're looking for a partner who wants to breed have kids he will always look for younger/more fertile women, so you have a point (sort of).

But dating? hell no! I've heard my friends grandma is breaking hearts in her senior home.Dating is timeless :-)
Seeking/Offering / Using my flat in return for dog sitting
« Last Post by BustyAbi on Today at 09:38:57 am »
hi ladies.i live in Somerset, BA21 area. Would anyone be interested in using my home to work in, from monday Aug 17th - Friday 21st? In return, I would want you to take care of my 2 pugs and 2 cats. If this might interest you, please send me a pm ,thank you
Blather and Babble / Re: Do you feel like you’re missing out?
« Last Post by NorthernStar on Today at 09:21:37 am »
The most important thing is that you remain true to yourself. After that, everything else will fall in place. I started my escorting career almost accidentally when I was a teenager, so I don't have a traditional background experience for comparison, but I wouldn't change anything. I bought my own home early, put myself through school that I was interested in, traveled like crazy, learned how to handle money/be self-sufficient, and focused on personal growth and my future before I got serious about dating. Eventually I tried dating, which is many long stories in itself. Separate from that experience I found a wonderful partner in a friend who I had known forever and already knew everything about me, including my enduring loyalty to whoring. Once you realize your are comfortable with who you are, everyone with different opinions or wants you to change can fuck off.

It was an important self realization that my career defines who I am in terms of its demands on me and my schedule each day, but not the kind of person I am. I realized it was important to me that I have a partner who I can share everything about my life and they accept who I am, including my choice of career. And that goes two ways, it's important to remember to take care of people in your life who support you. I've always enjoyed having two distinct sides, my outer personality who gets along with (most) people, and my inner whore who enjoys working dozens of men each month for lots of money.

I do plan to have children, although that will bring new challenges, starting with not working for so long while pregnant or for months (?) after that. My recommendation is find time to do things you really enjoy and be ready for changes. Realize that your job puts unusual pressures on you, but don't let your job cause you to withdrawal from friends or society.  I wouldn't allow a partner tell me I should quit my regular long distance runs any more than my shagging habits. If you decide that you'd rather settle down and take a break or retire, that's fine too. But it's your choice, not anyone else's. Just keep in mind that if a guy doesn't like you because of your SW career, he probably won't like you for having a former SW career either. Better to find someone that is open and accepting. In the meantime be thankful that you can support yourself and not worry about money--at least in normal years.

So, don't worry, enjoy your life, and keep your eyes open for new changes.

Hello PS,

I’m envious of your position of having started this very early on and basically being “sorted” by hour mid twenties in terms of housing and education. I wish I had the sense to start then but have wasted years believing it’s “wrong” and how “I’ll never make money with my body it’s disgusting”. Instead I’ve been drifting aimlessly and tangled in abusive broken relationships. I’m also stuck in a corporate job I despise. If only time travel was possible. I’m 28 soon and started this a few years ago. I feel like I’ve wasted so much time and now working tirelessly to “catch up” and make as much as possible to hop on the property ladder and make a career u turn.

Essentially I am focused to accomplish what you have done ages ago, but massively worried that whilst I am on it, I’ll be past my “best years” and we know the dating options begin to diminish after 30 (sorry!).

Happy to know you’ve got an accepting partner who knew you before and after. I did have a relationship for a year and he knew, but it took him time to accept that or af least manage it in his head. Eventually we broke up as he went with someone his parents considered a “better” match. Someone untainted and proper I guess... :(

Questions and Answers / Re: Coping with this heat
« Last Post by VoluptuousCurves on Today at 09:14:35 am »
I have a tower fan which I bought 2 years ago in Wickes and it's basically my boyfriend now. (His name is... wait for it... Fanando!)

Just search Wickes for "tower fan". I have the black one. It's about 3ft high. It oscillates, has 3 power settings, and a timer, so you can set it when you go to bed and then it will go off by itself up to 2hrs later. It seems remarkably quiet to me but I do have some hearing loss. But never had a problem with clients hearing me or vice versa when it's on maximum.

During bookings I just point it at the bed. I couldn't work without it.
How much do you pay for repost? Think my adds getting missed with so many before it

I think it varies by area. I'm paying £25/week for the once a day repost, or they have a twice daily option for £50.

This man is contacting me with random texts in Sloane Sq London. “Wow your so pretty” I’ve seen the “would love to see you darling “ I’ve blocked him now but he is back out contacting girls on the same number.
Questions and Answers / Re: Working after cosmetic surgery
« Last Post by Curvymamma on Today at 08:12:38 am »
I'm having a breast enlargement later this year and was wondering how long it was before any ladies on here were comfortable enough to start work after their surgery? I know they have recovery guidelines but I'm assuming they apply to ladies who have 9 to 5 jobs that don't involve blokes grabbing hold of their tits and trying to get radio 2 on their nipples 😂😂

I had mine redone in January, I took 12 weeks off work and excersise.  Keep you compression bra on 24/7 during that time  I even wear mine now as they are comfy.  While things are quiet and I'm not working I've just had further surgery to my face, just recovering now, but thrilled with the results even now.
Questions and Answers / Re: Coping with this heat
« Last Post by Lushblossom on Today at 07:07:24 am »
I am not working until September but will buy a cheap tower fan if need be as my room is south facing.  I mulled over purchasing the Dyson but read reviews so decided against it.
Buddy Link-up / Re: What's app group Liverpool / Cheshire
« Last Post by Escortx on Today at 06:49:25 am »
Hi send me a pm with your adult work profile thanks
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