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Questions and Answers / Re: Anyone else find cum repulsive.
« Last Post by EveEveEve on 18 June 2021, 08:51:53 pm »
I laughed out loud when I read the title 😂 and in my head shouted yessssss! Hahaah.
It is repulsive stuff, like snot. Which makes me gag!
Not much makes me squirm but I think it’s the consistency? And definitely the smell.

but it’s part of the job, not many bookings don’t involve it, just another aspect to grin and bear. Eek 😬
Questions and Answers / Anyone else find cum repulsive.
« Last Post by Sophine88 on 18 June 2021, 08:48:07 pm »
I absolutely am disgusted by cum. I honestly can’t understand why. I think it’s the not knowing what consistency it could be or the volume of it for me. Some men have very thick cum that just looks unhealthy. I love sex but I just can’t stand the sight of cum.

I explicitly tell this to clients and remind them when they say they’re close to do it in a towel as I hate getting cum anywhere in my body or in my mouth. They usually are fine with it but one unfortunate event the other day and some clients came unexpectedly and it spattered all over me. I smiled and laughed but inside I was dying running into the bathroom to rub it off. Anyone else like this?
Emma, in response to an invitation in your app, I have just bought CE all of 5 coffees.
Blather and Babble / Re: Things Clients Do To Annoy!!!
« Last Post by Schwiftysquancher91 on 18 June 2021, 06:41:18 pm »
Cock cologne, my mouth has literally gone totally numb after doing OWO the past couple of weeks  :o

I offer a shower before long bookings but for blow and goes I usually don't. I always say they really don't need to spray their cock directly for it to smell good, just wash it  ::)

Blather and Babble / Re: Describe your last booking
« Last Post by Snow Whitest on 18 June 2021, 06:24:06 pm »
Hairy Humpty Dumpty, harmless enough not seen him since way before lockdown :)
Questions and Answers / Re: Slow at the minute or just me?
« Last Post by Harriet_Lille on 18 June 2021, 05:22:24 pm »
Had only two half hour sessions today. Had some time wasters but really I think it's the weather.
I might call it a day now and just watch the footy.
Blather and Babble / Re: Describe your last booking
« Last Post by Harriet_Lille on 18 June 2021, 05:21:27 pm »
My second booking of the day, and my second half hour of the day.
A bit of foreplay then oral, and a bit of Greek, then he finished on my tits.
Nice chap.
Blather and Babble / Re: Things Clients Do To Annoy!!!
« Last Post by Maz on 18 June 2021, 04:41:35 pm »
When they try and play you off against your duo partner (if you have one). I've stopped offering them now.
Sex Work Projects / Re: Sex worker support in Glasgow
« Last Post by MsRedhead on 18 June 2021, 03:24:30 pm »
yes they are, if you google you'll be able to see their list of services etc
Blather and Babble / Re: How not to book an escort,world championships!
« Last Post by Braziliana on 18 June 2021, 03:14:45 pm »
HIM: Hello.  Where are your incalls?
ME: At the bottom of my legs.  Where are your ankles, then, if not at the bottom of your legs??
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