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Buddy Link-up / Bournemouth Buddy
« Last Post by Bubble on 10 August 2020, 07:09:05 pm »
Hi all,

I had an arrangement last year and it worked very well so have been wanting to pursue full time escorting since then.

I have spent the past month reading a lot on this site and am keen to get started this week.

I'd really like a buddy for security and sanity! Just someone to check in with and perhaps meet up with at some point.

I'm based in Bournemouth and will be operating in Southampton, New Forest and potentially London.

I'm 33 and 1 child so be great if someone was in a similar position but totally fine if not.

Questions and Answers / Prepaid credit cards ?
« Last Post by Ladyofthenight on 10 August 2020, 04:56:13 pm »
Anyone knows where to buy prepaid credit cars in a store?

If not what’s the best/quickest website to get them?
Are they anonymous or have to registered  with your real name ?
Can they be used to book flights hotel? Pay bills etc ? Direct debits ?
Blather and Babble / Re: What, if anything will you change?
« Last Post by Pip4 on 10 August 2020, 04:45:23 pm »
Each to their own and all that but I see no reason to increase or decrease our rates.

I have noticed some in locations where I tour have increased their rates only to put them down again 2 weeks later which sends all the wrong signals and will just increase the number of bargain basement punters.
Is it worth using viva street if you're showing up on page 6?

I pay a tenner a week and am languishing at the back. Now I'm trialing AW, I've not been advertising on VS. I wish all escort platforms would allow double columns and rotate. I think - though I'm not sure - AW rotate listings and I thinks that's so fair. God, I can't believe I'm liking AW, but I am.
Is it worth using viva street if you're showing up on page 6?
Blather and Babble / Re: Bring you Toys
« Last Post by saltysweet on 10 August 2020, 01:06:20 pm »
I'd politely refuse or refer to a mate who likes it and benefit from the money. I send various jobs to my friends or SWs I ring up cold, because they're better suited or experienced in certain specialities and they'll send jobs to me. Swapsies! Works well, everyone's happy. Mo money Mo Money!
Blather and Babble / Re: They said what???
« Last Post by Nadya on 10 August 2020, 12:20:49 pm »
I once had a "self-made scrap metal millionaire" tell me during a meal at his home, "I'm probably 100% richer than you are and 80% more intelligent"
I was gobsmacked.
I have no idea as to his IQ or assets, but he ate his entire steak and (shared :-X) salad meal with his hands and used his sheets to wipe his cum away twice  (before sleeping in them)  :-\

*chokes back vomit*

Blather and Babble / Re: How not to book an escort,world championships!
« Last Post by Nadya on 10 August 2020, 12:17:36 pm »
You can send me some more pictures with you
And tell us if you live alone or if you live with someone

I get that a lot, talk about creepster.  Do you live alone?  WTF business is it of yours, you will never go there....
Blather and Babble / Re: Bring you Toys
« Last Post by Nadya on 10 August 2020, 12:11:23 pm »
I have a particular dislike of it.  I had two clients use toys so far and it bugged me because a) I don't know where TF those toys come from and b) It is over stimulating and I hate that.

So buying work toys wouldn't work because I don't want them used on me. 
Blather and Babble / Re: Bring you Toys
« Last Post by Mirror on 10 August 2020, 12:06:13 pm »
Firstly I ask "Are toys for you or me?", if me I explain toys don't bring me to orgasm, it's titillation and if on cam a substitute for having a real live participant.

Someone once pulled out a toy from bedside drawer in family home.

I don't want contact with shared toys.

All mine are cleaned after use, condom covered on the rare occasions I use them on clients.

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