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Author Topic: Demanding client - I am so annoyed  (Read 3840 times)


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Re: Demanding client - I am so annoyed
« Reply #15 on: 24 October 2022, 01:34:45 pm »
I can understand why you went through with the booking as you had agreed to see him and you have history together, however, personally I would never see anyone this demanding.
I would just promise myself that you will never see such a self entitled prick again.
As far as giving some money back I'd imagine we've all been there. I gave a guy £50 back just to fuck off as he'd booked an hour and came in 15 mins (on purpose).
I'd charged him 150. He began to become intimidating so I throw the money into his hand at the door after telling him I would kick his arse if he didn't get the fuck out now.
It just made me tighten up on my screening and I don't see certain types now.
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Re: Demanding client - I am so annoyed
« Reply #16 on: 14 January 2023, 02:36:48 am »
I told him , his bum was not squeaky clean, so maybe that's why I was not as enthusiastic,  in licking and sucking his bum hole. He looked offended when I said that. Lol ;D

Good on you girl hahahha! Usually when Im at the end of my tether with them, I get honest back with them also lmaoo

Has anyone else had a client that did something like this. I put so much effort into this booking, its ridiculous

Back in the day when I first started, yes. But I dont usually get clients like this anymore coz if deep down a clients not happy with my performance when I know that I honestly put my all into it then I choose to not allow myself to beat myself up about it - coz there was nothing more that I could have done, so I think you should possibly consider only seeing him when work is super quiet or just block him - he sounds like hard work and we always have to remind ourselves that there are plenty of other men out there who wont be as so demanding as he is! To ask for all of those services in 90 mins is ridiculous!!!!!
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