Your first experience

Here, escorts share their first-time experiences. The stories here were gathered from contributions on our forum.

"Mine was an outcall set up by my first agency and I just went to this guy's house and chattered nervously at him until he indicated that we should go upstairs. I think OWO and missionary occurred but am not 100%. I really hope he did get off on 'deflowering' the new girl because otherwise it must've been the most boring booking ever! I remember not being sure how enthusiastically into it to pretend to be so I think I spent most of the sex just looking thoughtful. Afterwards I remember thinking, "WOOHOO!" as I showered, grabbed my stuff and walked out of that fancy building with quite a lot of money. I bought a homeless man quite a lot of shopping on my way home but probably should have just got him beers. And I realised that I would need to learn a lot more sex stuff to keep me going once my new girl thing had worn off so I set myself to researchin'. Not with multiple sexual partners, ahem, but on the Internet because I am a huge geek!"

"My first one was a visit to a reasonably nice hotel in the city centre. I was very nervous of course! What made it better was the hotel bar is on the first floor and he must have seen me arrive and met me in the lift. Yes I got a shock but it was almost a relief not having to knock the door, lol. He was very sweet and wanted me to undress in front of him, this was weird as I don't like being naked but I kept my cool I think, lol.

He didn't last very long but we were able to relax and chat which was very nice. He told me how he had become very depressed as his wife had withdrawn intimacy over the years to nothing. Travelling with work gave him the chance to see escorts and that helped him. I felt sorry for him, he was very sweet and in a way it help me escort because I saw clients as more human, like they're not just seeing escorts because they're filthy perverts, lol.

I then had 2 bookings one after the other the next day so that was me off!"

"I feel I am lucky to be a married escort and have a husband looking out for me which makes me more safe but I have to admit the majority of the guys I meet are just lovely normal guys. That was a nice surprise after 2 years of online only guys who are a little more weird, ha ha."

"Okay – mine is proof positive that sometimes the only way is up! and i don't usually admit to the full horror!

I put a profile on Adultwork though I can't say I'd made a firm decision to go ahead. I wanted to see if I would get any interest. Within minutes phone rang and I found myself agreeing to a booking in 2 hours! Half an hour before saw me legging it down the shops for condoms! I was hideously unprepared and didn't even have time for a nerve-soothing glass of wine.

Guy turned up for his hour booking – mid 50s, polite enough, but then kept asking for bareback. I wonder now if he has one of those 'New Member' alerts [a slightly dubious feature of] and targets new girls in the hope of them being nervous/daft enough to agree bareback. I did not agree but he kept mentioning it, until I said 'Look I'm new, not stupid!' and he seemed to lose interest then. We did have sex but he didn't cum.

To add the final touch of yuk to a horrendous start, when I climbed off him, I discovered my period had started!

My main feeling was of embarrassment – but it left me absolutely sure that I could do it!"

"I was feeling quite randy, myself and was looking to book a male escort for myself, for the night. Figured I'd put my money where my… er… mouth is. Got a message on Adultwork and the guy followed up with a phone call. He made a plan to book a hotel room and would get back to me. And he actually did!! I walked into the lobby without hesitation and went up to his room. He opened the door and asked for a hug! Perfectly reasonable. Not my type but nothing grotesque. I promised him I'd actually be prepped and ready when I arrived due to my own libido. He offered me water, then money, and only THEN did he reach up under my dress. I actually enjoyed myself and felt guilty that I was so satisfied. He even offered me the use of the room for a couple of hours as he was off to a dinner party. I declined.

The second part is because he was my first (only) incall to my flat.

Fast forward two months and he rang again. This time I told him he could come over to my flat even though I don't do incalls as standard. He came over, we did what we did and (WARNING! GROSS OUT PART!!) when he was done, his finger, the condom and his pubic hair was covered in white powder– thrush pessary from the day before!! I had no idea they lingered so long (we don't have anything but tablets and cream where I come from.) I suggested it was a combination of my talcum powder and the lube I'd used earlier to get myself ready for him. Don't know that there will BE a third time!"

"I remember seeing my first client walk through the door and not quite believing my luck. He was gorgeous, and I went straight from feeling confident and pretty sure I could grit my teeth/lay back and think of England/fake my way through it, to a giggling, blushing mess. It was a two hour booking and the time seemed to go really fast but looking back now I think that's because I tried to do my entire sexual repertoire in 120 minutes instead of going slower and letting the client set the pace a bit.

He's still a client now and teases me about 'popping my Escorting cherry' He's also said I was a bit hyperactive and giggly which he puts down to it being first time nerves but was actually because I fancied him so much! I still struggle at being professional when they are really cute!

I need to add here that I do appreciate how lucky I was. Good-looking clients who are fantastic in bed are not unknown but they're not the norm either. It was a great way to start but there have been times since when there has been much teeth gritting and Oscar worthy acting too…"

"I remember my first client, but I kinda discount him as my real first, as he was totally odd.

He was odd from the start – he picked me up in his car and just stared at me when I knocked on his car window. Then he barely said a word the whole way to his place though I was trying to make conversation. This of course meant I was incredibly nervous by the time he arrived.

Not many preliminaries… but then he started trying BB (bareback) and I said absolutely NOT. He then just went totally weird – in a sulk just lying there. I said… is everything all right… he was very much the kind to say "suck my cock" like an order and I was too naive not too.

Anyway all this combined to make me super NOT turned on and he said… you don't want to do this do you?

I got so embarrassed I ran downstairs and put my clothes on… worst thing was he then had to drive me back (in total silence I was dammed if I was gonna speak).

Oh yeah I was too naive to get the money first also.

This very nearly put me off altogether. I have learned a lot since then, I wouldn't put up with that crap now and I always ask for the money first."