Specialist services

There's a lot more to escorting than just straight sex!

There are most definitely different facets to the sex industry. The longer you're in this business the more 'strange' requests will be asked of you. Please don't think men are crazy, or disgusting when you are requested something you haven't heard of before. Try not to judge them; it takes a lot of nerve on the part of the client to ask you in the first place. Please bear that in mind before you turn the phone off in disgust (although that's not to say you aren't allowed to hang up if someone persists in talking to you about a service you've already explained you don't offer!).

Many people have fetishes, pure and simple. And for some they've perhaps transcended straight sex, and would rather you indulge in just their fetish. For others their fetish is an ideal accompaniment to a full personal service. Fetish doesn't mean disgusting, although it might be a turn-off to more of the straight-laced escorts. A fetish is a variety of things, an addition maybe. Certain things that turn a person on as much as having straight sex in various positions turns on others.

There are fetishes too numerous to mention. But here are some of the most requested:

  • Feet – A man can have a fetish for feet; he may want to lick them, smell them, massage them, whatever he desires.
  • Smoking – A man may have a fetish for smoking, and using him as your ashtray. For some men it's a sign of sophistication watching a woman smoke.
  • Domination – Some men may want mild domination added to their appointment; they simply cannot cum unless they're in pain. This can include spanking, nipple torture and cock and ball torture.
  • Watersports – No, it doesn't mean doing it on the back of a jetski, lol. Some love the idea of being peed on. The dominant ones love the idea of peeing on you. Not for the faint-hearted.
  • Fur – Some men love the feel of a fur coat when making love. Real or fake fur, it's up to them. But if you're against wearing real fur, you may not be comfortable with this.

Speaking from experience, as a size 20, 5ft 10ins tall woman, I've had my share of unusual requests. Some I had never tried before but was willing to. Some I've become rather good at, even if I do say so myself, lol. I would suggest to ladies that are asked for a particular service for the first time, be honest and upfront if you haven't performed a service before. Some gentlemen are cool with that, and are happy to talk you through their scenario.

But sometimes, if you try to perform a particular service for the first time on a person that's been experienced in receiving, he will just end up disappointed. On the other hand, if the person asking for a specialist service is as new as you are to performing it, a lot of fun can be had in learning together.

But I digress. I was going to say, that as a tall bbw, I have had my share of unusual requests. They've included:

  • Erotic wrestling – Some men like the idea of a tousle with a taller, stronger lady. They like the idea of fighting for dominance, of you asserting your dominance over them. They enjoy being physically overpowered, and even being sexually 'taken'. For some men this is their ultimate fantasy. It's very horny foreplay, and you get hot and sweaty into the bargain. *Ahem!*
  • Facesitting (or Queening) – Exactly as it sounds. Again, another show of dominance on the part of the lady, because you're on top. Some Mistresses perform this as well as escorts. But it has been said (according to a forum dedicated to facesitting) that a lot of men prefer escorts, because although you are the one Dominating them by sitting on their face, some men love the idea of performing oral sex on you whilst they're under there; they basically know what they want, and will tell you so. This is called nude facesitting. But there are different methods of facesitting, believe it or not. Some men prefer fully clothed, they just prefer the absence of control, not to mention the absence of oxygen. Some prefer you wear big knickers. They love the feel of cloth on their face, and they like to sniff the muskiness of you through the knickers. There are others who like the thong, or g-string. While men love the skin to skin contact of arse to face, they still like the mystery a little g-string holds in covering up a fanny. Then there are those who want you totally naked. They enjoy every aspect of facesitting. Mistresses will most likely facesit fully clothed, as most don't allow skin to skin contact. Hence the need for men to seek this particular service from an escort. If you love oral sex performed on you, then you'll have no problem with this particular service. You can either sit forward, for a bit of pussy worship, or sit facing away, for a bit of arse worshipping. (You can tell I've done this before,lol).
  • Body worship – Some men just want to play with a woman's body. They just want to sniff, smell and lick certain parts of your body. This can be very erotic and a huge turn-on for some women (whew! I'm getting hot under the collar here). Some men want to sniff, and lick your armpits, some want to do the same to your bottom, your fanny, and so on. A precursor to a full service, or not.
  • Breast or bottom smothering – If like me you have an ample arse or cleavage, you can use your assets to maximum effect. Some men love to actually be deprived of oxygen for a short while whilst you suffocate them with either your arse or your boobs. This is their idea of Nirvana (or if you're Christian, Heaven, lol). They enjoy the smell, the muskiness of your body whilst being suffocated. A huge turn-on for some men.

I'm sure there are more fetishes that I haven't had the pleasure of knowing about. But above is a list of a few that I have partaken of myself. If you are a brand new escort coming into this business for the first time, and you get requests like these, just treat them as any other 'normal' request. There are thousands of men out there who pay for sex, you're bound to come across some of an unusual nature.

And if, like me you're a bbw, don't let anybody tell you that you're not suitable for this industry. There are plenty of men that love a fulsome woman. If you have a big arse, and a big bottom, believe me there are lots you can do with them. That's the good thing about this industry. We're not all size 10 slim chicks. Make the most of what you have.