There is always a bit of a ritual when doing outcalls to either homes or hotels. There are rules that you should set up when you do them which should make for a safer and more pleasurable experience. The following are the rules I work by, and to anybody that asks me, I strongly suggest that they do the same.

Outcalls to Residential Homes

For a residential outcall (visiting a client's home), I always make sure I have three things:

  • The client's full name
  • The client's full address (including full postcode)
  • The client's landline number

A mobile number doesn't cut it for me, especially in this day and age of throwaway sim cards. I then either call directory enquiries to check that the name and address does exist, or go to 192.com to check on-line. You get 5 free checks before you have to subscribe to their site. Another alternative is to use www.ukphonebook.com where you're allowed 5 free checks a day, so that might prove better for you cost-wise.

Do all the details check out?

If the person's details check out fine, I go. If for some reason they don't, or the phone number's ex-directory, I don't go. It's as simple as that. I'm already in the vulnerable position of visiting a stranger's home. The last thing I would want to do is increase that vulnerability and visit a gentleman whose details don't add up. When the gentleman calls back to re-confirm I then tell him then that I'm afraid I cannot visit and I let him know the reasons why. Some gentlemen accept and understand that, but some will always try and persuade me to visit, which makes me even more suspicious and steadfast, and their persistence falls on deaf ears. I tell them I cannot visit and bring the conversation to a close.

If all goes well and the details do check out fine, then what I normally do is leave my client's details with either my partner or a fellow working girl, and I let the client know this, and my reasons why. This is all part of my security ritual. Again, most gentlemen understand and are fine with this. But you will get the odd one or two who will object to it, and if they do, I do not go. The genuine clients never mind, and they understand that once I'm safe and sound back home, their details are destroyed or deleted.

Another part of my ritual: Once I get to the client's house, I call my security buddy (either my partner or a fellow escort) in full view of the client, so they can see what I'm doing. I do this as soon as I'm inside the door. When the booking comes to an end I call my security buddy again, in full view of the client, to let them know that I'm done and on my way home.

How do you get to the outcall?

I work and drive/travel to bookings on my own. Some ladies hire themselves a driver that doubles as security, who waits for the entire duration of the booking, and it's this person that acts as their security buddy. So it's brilliant if you can afford yourself a driver. But you can still be secure on your own. And talking about driving; when I drive myself to a booking, I always make sure and park some distance from the client's house and walk the rest of the way. Around the corner is even better so if the client is for some reason watching you when you leave, they don't see the car you're getting into and are able to make a note of your registration number. I know it sounds paranoid, but a little paranoia is a good thing, right? As long as it gets you home safe and sound.

Outcalls to Hotels

You don't need as many details for a hotel visit as you do for a home visit. But I still work on the same basis in that I call my security buddy when I get to the client's room, then call again when I'm about to leave.

But going back to the beginning, when I accept an outcall to a hotel, the details I make sure I collect in this case are as follows:

  • The client's full name
  • A reference/booking number that the client would've received when he booked the hotel room

The full name I guess you can understand, but why a reference number I hear you ask? Well, you wouldn't believe how many guys out there that get a kick out of wasting an escort's time. You will get some guys that will get a kick out of calling you for a booking, even going so far as to give you a hotel name, only for you to find out that they're not even registered there.

If I can indulge in a little story: A few months ago I received an email from a gentleman who was supposedly coming from Ireland and staying at a hotel at Gatwick. He was here on a course and would be staying a few days, and gave me three consecutive dates in which he could see me. I picked a Monday. 'Brilliant,' he said, 'I'll see you then.' I later just happen to be chatting to a fellow working girl friend of mine, and she mentioned that she might have an outcall to (guess where?) Gatwick on a (guess when?) Tuesday night. I said 'that's funny, I have an outcall to Gatwick for the Monday night. His name wouldn't be *insert major timewaster's name here* would it?' 'Hold on', she says, 'let me check. By gosh, yes it is'. Later I called the hotel, just to check and see if Mr. Timewaster was registered there. Surprise surprise, no he wasn't. It turns out that there were quite a few of us ladies he'd written to giving them the same story, including another one for that same Monday I was supposed to be seeing him. He had quite a few of us lined up for those three days. What a goer!

The moral of that story is, check the details that the client has given you before you pencil it into your diary. Before you've given up your time that a genuine customer could've had. Get the full name and the reference number of the hotel the client has booked into, and discreetly call the hotel just to make sure that the client has indeed, booked the hotel. You don't have to tell reception that you're an escort when calling. You don't even have to give your name. In five years I've never been asked for one. But on the off-chance you do get asked, don't get flustered, just make one up, they're not going to check it against anything. You could act as the client's secretary, his PA, or business client even, just checking that your colleague has indeed given you the correct details so you know when/where to meet him. I personally do this before I've committed the customer to even pencilling him in.

If customers are reluctant to give me the booking reference, I don't honour the booking. I try to explain to those that may be doing this for the first time and are a little nervous about giving an escort his details, that this industry is rife with timewasters and mean people who treat booking ladies as a game. As I said previously, most men will understand and be fine with it. Or, in my case, I had a gent who booked a hotel in London recently tell me that his name and the hotel name should be ample information. I emailed him and politely told him I wouldn't be honouring the booking. Simple as that. I didn't go.

It does sometimes make you wonder why a gentleman wouldn't want to pass on a booking reference to you, if he expected you to visit him. That's when the in-built alarm bells start going off in your head. Listen to them, and your gut instincts, and you won't go far wrong. And just as I do for outcalls to residential homes, I call my security buddy when I get there, and call again when I leave, and destroy all details when I get home safe and sound.

And one more thing, before I leave the house the day of the booking, I get the room number from the customer as soon as he has it. I then call him at the hotel and ask to be put through to his room. It ensures that he is indeed there and that he hasn't checked out or indeed, not even check in yet. That way, if he's not there, you've saved yourself a journey.

I can't say that it is foolproof, because customers will cancel at any time before the booking. Customers have even been known to not let the escort in, but they know that he's in as he can be heard behind the door. It's happened! Strange, I know. But at least you know that you've done everything you could to make yourself safe and waste as little of your precious time as possible.