Spotting timewasters

We all get them from time to time and you can't always spot them but, like any other business where taking appointments is the way its done, you will have the buggers. Even my local doctors has one of those signs that pleads with people to cancel appointments they cant make so time is not wasted, so it's clearly a nationwide issue!

This business may attract more than its fair share of timewasters for many different reasons, however. For example, some guys like to get off on the fact that a girl is running around after them, some may just like the fantasy of making a booking but have no intention of going through with it, some people don't agree with escorting (shock horror – no really!) and like to try and make life difficult for girls. Some escorts get jealous and/or have no sense of basic personal or business ethics, so its been known for them to get male friends to make false bookings with their perceived competition.

There are many reasons for people to waste your time and they should not be confused with genuine cancellations which, whilst a bit of a pain, are inevitable as the sort of clients you attract may well have jobs that take them away to a different area at the last minute. People do become ill and of course most of us at some point in our life have conflicting commitments which may mean we can't keep to an appointment time.

The genuine ones will call and let you know and most likely will rebook but for those who are not genuine and are pure timewasters, you need to keep a note of their details so you don't keep falling for it. It's up to you how many chances you give someone who continually calls to cancel a booking; maybe you could ask for a non-returnable deposit of it happens a lot or you could just refuse to take the booking. Again, as an independent, its up to you.

Listed below are some of the views of working girls on timewasters. Of course genuine people may use them too so don't be taking it as gospel but do use it as little voice on your shoulder when assessing what is genuine and what is not.

Timewasters are…

"The ones that insist on sending a picture of their dicks… doh why would we want to see that, not like we have not seen one before and for me personally It does nothing for me… apart from turn me off that is… I have never known one book."

"Those asking you to send explicit pics to keep them going till they see u… I never send them but others could advise if they actually ever book and show up"

"Those asking for a picture showing my face… no chance and they never book when I decline to send one"

"The 'how much for a fuck' and such like… prolly kids"

"Those that have read your profile, im talking about AOL now then e.mail you and say, I cannot access your website, can u send me your addy please, Oh yer like i fell off a Christmas tree"

"When he asks if you can take a big cock or claims he has a huge one"

"when you have exchanged several e-mails, arranged a booking and he STILL wants to phone you, just to 'talk about the appointment'. Hmmm……" [Note: some clients will genuinely want to speak to an escort before an appointment to suss her out in the same way smart escorts suss out clients on the phone before meeting them – but this phone call does not need to cover any sexual topics so if he rings just to talk about what you're wearing, hang up and cross his booking out of your diary asap!]

"There was one chap who thankfully no longer calls but was apparently looking for someone to swear during the act, and always finished the conversation by asking you just to swear at him over the phone… never booked."

"Then of course there are the ones you can hear the slaop slaop slaop at the other end… if they want to talk dirty I just give them my premium rate number"

"When they phone you and ask what your rates are Durrrrrrr its on the website. When they phone and say 'oh my mate gave me this number' oh yer right in that case ask your mate to give you the website addy."

"When they phone you and ask how big your tits are, oh FFS lol"

"When they say oh you will luv seeing me im handsome, and have a big dick, yer so what."

"why is is that whenever I'm sitting there as a nurse or maid the bastard doesn't turn up! FFS! due to this i rarely agree to dress up at all now as have probably had only 2 guys turn up after requesting outfits in the last 12 months."

"Time wasters are:

  • guys who say 'I'd like to see you for a couple of hours…or maybe all night if we really get on'
  • guys who say 'I'm looking for a lady to see on a regular basis'
  • guys who say 'I've never done this before, how would you see the evening progressing?' [Note: This is a great time to tell them to send all their questions in an email – if they're genuine-but-nervous, they will email but if they only want to fap to your voice, they won't bother!]
  • guys who say 'I want you to arrive with just stockings on under your coat' [Note: These ones may even plan to hide and watch/film you wandering around the hotel/street, so be extra careful here]
  • all the guys in the Punterlink Chat Room, they're looking for free sexchat, or to look at your web pix and wank later knowing they 'talked' to you"

"How about 'Can i have some details please'?? – D'oh, use your imagination if you want to toss yourself off.

"Guys who say, 'Can you describe yourself please?',

'Have you not seen my website?'

'Yes but my computer crashed before I got a chance to look at your site'

Yeah, really!!! I suppose you made a note of my number AFTER it crashed!!!!"