Getting out

No matter how much fun escorting can be, for some it can become tiresome and a chore. Others find love and want to give escorting up in favour of a new relationship. Some only enter the profession for a short time in order to pay off debts whilst others come to the decision to return to a 'normal' life free of the potential accompanying social stigma and daily deceit to fellow mums at the school gate and/or loved ones over ones chosen job.

Whatever the reason, ladies should consider their longer term life goals beyond escorting before starting out as it can affect how the business should be run. For example, if you want to show your face as it is a good selling point, what happens when you want to move on to a high profile career or if you already have one and escorting is a bit on the side? You need to be ready for any backlash as the media and general society tend to not look too kindly on ex-sex workers. Once a hooker always a hooker in some peoples eyes, just ask poor Heather Mills McCartney whose alleged high class call girl past was belittled by all the tabloids helping earn her the gold digger image. Far smaller celebrities like Big Brothers 7's Nikki Grahame also found her alleged call girl past on the front page of the newspapers.

Sure, it can fast become yesterday's news but if you have loved ones who could suffer (there are many accounts of ladies' children being picked on horribly at school because people found out what mum did) then do think carefully about your privacy whilst doing the job. Do you show your face, or send face pictures to anyone who asks? Do you tell your favourite clients and/or other ladies your real name? Do you work from home? Do you use the same phone number for business and pleasure or buy a separate phone? Do you register your website's domain in your own name? Do you see clients from your home town?

Scaremongering aside, escorting can be a difficult job to leave thanks to the relatively few hours one has to work to earn a decent salary. However, it is the sort of job which one should leave if it begins to affect them mentally. No-one likes doing a job they hate and when its such a personal job, as escorting is, then it must be doubly difficult to handle mentally.

So again, even when you are just starting out, think about what you want to do after. As we have already pointed out, you can work relatively few hours for a good salary, which can mean you have the time to study (full time/part time/distance learning) for a new career or do some volunteer work to gain experience in a chosen field or even take the time to do some networking within the industry you want to move into. Some useful sites:

If debt is your motivator for escorting and you want to clear it as quickly as possible, then work out a plan to get it paid off in the most appropriate way; don't just trundle along throwing money at bills as they come in and not opening envelopes. There are many debt advisory programmes (some free, some with a charge) but if you do not want to share your income details then draw up a plan yourself — the Citizens Advice Bureau have really useful debt advisory booklets with template letter for sending to your creditors and lots of useful advice — or join and digest the abundance of brilliant advice and information at (they have a forum there, too).

Of course many of you will earn enough in a few years to clear your mortgage and do something even less conventional with your life. Many girls have bought properties abroad on their earnings and retired early. Others prefer to live for now and buy designer clothes and enjoy a more, shall we say, hedonistic lifestyle. Whatever your motivation, remember that escorting can be a real life enabler if you manage the job and don't let it manage you.