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Author Topic: Weirdo, Long Sutton / Sutton Bridge / Spalding / Wisbech  (Read 408 times)


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Weirdo, Long Sutton / Sutton Bridge / Spalding / Wisbech
« on: 01 August 2020, 02:04:11 pm »
Long Sutton / Spalding / Wisbech / Sutton Bridge

He didn't park where I asked, and wandered up the street loudly saying each number he passed until I came out and brought him in. Once in my room, he stripped naked and kissed aggressively, touching all over. He tried putting the condom on inside out and when I caught him trying to turn it the right way, he seemed to get huffy. I put a second, new condom on him and he fucked me from behind. He fucks like he's never had sex before.

He then said he'd left his wallet in his car. He brought only HALF the fee and then refused to leave, hanging around in the doorway talking loudly, smirking that "you obviously fancy me". I suggested he transfer the rest of my fee and he said yes ok then went on with his woe-is-me guff. The only reason I managed to get rid of him is because my partner had tried calling several times and this man said "you've obviously got more bookings, I should go." I told him yes, and quickly locked the door. I then had a hot shower and several vodkas.

In the morning he messaged that he'd had a good time. I said yes ok, please transfer the rest of my fee. He then stated he'd only wanted to come for half an hour and hadn't meant to overstay; I replied that he'd been here for almost 2 hours and had booked via text for an hour. He argued this then said "you've changed, I thought you liked me." I pointed out that I'm an escort and he said "I didn't know that."

This man has serious issues. He is white English, bright blue eyes, distinctive tattoo across the shoulders, chipped front tooth, early 40s. This man is jumpy, paranoid, doesn't stop talking, has a loud voice. He constantly goes on about his thyroid problem, his on-off relationship, his parents, his inability to get a job. He will talk over you in an aggressive manner. If you don't reply to his texts within a few seconds, he will send a stream of passive-aggressive messages suggesting you're a time-waster. He also tried videocalling incessantly and got annoyed I "wasn't responding properly" when he waggled his penis at me  ::).

Mobile number 078111486**