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Author Topic: Very odd guy  (Read 5724 times)


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Re: Very odd guy
« Reply #15 on: 27 March 2022, 05:58:26 pm »
This guy is still active,  I've a day advertised in Cardiff and he messaged meabout a booking, he overlapped with someone else I was taking to about a booking yesterday as I'm on tour up north and I sent my number to him by mistake,  he then called me and it took me a couple of mins to get out of him that he wanted a booking in Cardiff next week.

I cut him short and he said oh am I boring you, told him no I have abooking to arrange for today call me next week [off topic removed] so thought I would update this.

I've blocked him
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Re: Very odd guy
« Reply #16 on: 27 March 2022, 09:46:54 pm »
Sensual magic also hoodwinked me. First messaged me on AW over a year ago about cross dressing. I was too nieve nice when I first started and he got quite a lot of my time on the phone, and video call, nothing sexual, just chit chat. He cross dressed on one video call, looked an absolute odd ball. Would call for a chat unauthorised. Asked to date me. At nearly 60 I said he was too old.

He said he was a magician, sold insurance and also had some sort of sales things for like dermabrasion. He was offering me demos etc.

The last time I spoke to him he said his daughter had found out about his cross dressing. He was upset. I don't know if it was all genuine but he is a total odd ball. [off topic removed].

The number I had for him was 077262005** this was about a year ago.
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Re: Very odd guy
« Reply #17 on: 04 May 2022, 03:11:42 pm »
Ian's AW user name is 'sensualmagic'... his voice sounds like someone else I've seen though, but from your description, Ian isn't this other person too.

Thanks for the post. This guy contacted me and I thought he was Odd and clearly a time waster, but I did not reply to him. Always good to have your hunches verified!!!  DOUble red flag about the kiddy entertainer spot


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Re: Very odd guy
« Reply #18 on: 05 May 2022, 09:18:30 pm »
There is a big thread about this guy on here  he has been around ages and is a massive timewaster, he goes on about cosmetics and says he is a magician.....he should make himself disappear lol