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Author Topic: TW who loves to talk. And talk. AND TALK.  (Read 2065 times)


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TW who loves to talk. And talk. AND TALK.
« on: 09 January 2009, 11:49:58 am »
Just incase anyone gets this idiot:

"Robert" 07875 3393**
Sounds a bit stuttery and nervous on the phone- said he was a lawyer. English slightly nasal accent- the kind of voice which makes him sound a bit of a pervert with hindsight!!! Must learn to listen to those hunches more.

He called about a week in advance to arrange an overnight, and when I said I don't visit homes without knowing someone, he asked for a lunch-date in the week. Said he lives in Islington, obsessed with mentioning "sophistication" and "being naughty" and kept talking about how much fun he was having going behind his wife's back- kept asking me how much I loved the thrill of it too, which I didn't really entertain.

Called everyday until the lunch-date. Also texts LOTS- 5 page long messages about what I am going to wear, what he should wear, where I was educated, what we will talk about etc etc- very irritating and I was starting to reconsider the date but as it was the next day I decided to stick with it.

In short, he went silent 20 mins before the lunch-date and disappeared. Luckily I asked him to confirm the table name just before I left the house, and because he ignored the text I didn't turn up at a posh restaurant with no booking (and if he was lurking to watch, he never saw me, so HA). Just miffed that I listened to this strange pervert's crap for so long (albeit while watching telly with the subtitles on..... ).