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TW Northwest area
« on: 12 January 2009, 04:16:34 pm »
Hi ladies

This guy calls every couple of months, asking for appointments but never shows. He asked for one  today and I turned him down-making it clear he couldn't be relied upon, and besides I was fully booked for the day. He then offered to pay a deposit for an advance booking. He texted at what would have been his planned appointment time saying he had checked and didn't have enough money remaining after Christmas, to pay the deposit. A likely story and would I have gotten the same if I had reserved him same day?

He often texts saying he wants a quickie and/or has an upskirt fetish so may not want full sex. Ooh, he sometimes says his wife is disabled and they don't have much money to spare. Which is fair enough but still no reason for the run around.

I know he has let at least another girl down in my area, and says his name is Graham/Peter and comes from near me in Cumbria or Blackpool depending on what he wants to tell you. Number is 07772*63*3.

PM if anyone would like more details.