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Author Topic: South east London, i believe it was an intentional condom rip !  (Read 821 times)


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South east London, i believe it was an intentional condom rip !
« on: 25 February 2020, 04:34:09 pm »
Had a client today,

Has a aw profile with 3 good feedback

Black/African. 6ft, beard, said he was from south London late 20’s drives a white car (sorry if that Information is not allowed to be posted) I know the exact make and model if that’s okay to share in the pm

Spent 25 mins of the booking struggling to “finish” kept pulling out was struggling to get it back in as I was not wet I thought that was odd as with a condom It’s usually fine.
All of sudden he was fine and managed to finish

He pulls out I grab baby wipes and around to give him a baby wipe etc and he says whoops the condom split extremely casually.

I’ve had a condom break twice before in my whole escort career and the guy always freaks out slightly or asks about std checks etc

I had a slight freak out ran to the bathroom to get it out.

This guy was fine and calm about it even when I asked him he said he was not bothered and shrugged which leads me to believe it was done on purpose. Took his time to get dressed etc strolled out.

Number: 079395648**