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Author Topic: Serious Assault - London  (Read 4351 times)


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Serious Assault - London
« on: 07 January 2008, 05:23:35 pm »
I am posting this warning on behalf of Busty Bronte and with her full knowledge.

This is a case of serious assault, and Bronte ended up by being verbally and physically abused and very bruised and underpaid.

Name given:        Jamie
Occupation given:                   Lawyer
Real name for room booking:    Craig Mc*****
Phone Number:              07815***692
(please contact me via pm for full number)
Hotel:         Reniassance, Chancery Lane, London.
Date:           Thursday 3rd January 2008
Service:           Overnight booking.

Description:  Age early 40?s, White, Height 5? 8? approx, brushed back dark hair, his build was overweight with a bit of a tummy.  No distinguishing marks, was well spoken and had West Country accent mixed with well-spoken London accent.  Said he lives in a hotel Monday to Friday and owns a house outside London.  Likes BBW?s and loves Champagne is how he describes himself.  Looked like a city gent and suited and booted.

Bronte received an overnight booking and after talking to the client agreed the details.  He was very charming, and wanted to drink Champagne with her during the session, which Bronte agreed to.  Prior to the booking Bronte received lots of text messages and phone calls, which made her think he could be a timewaster.  Bronte had informed the client that he must let her know the hotel details before she left her base so that she could do her security checks.  He did this but left it until late and so Bronte was slightly late for the booking.

Bronte was greeted with a forceful kiss and could see that the client had been drinking, but was not drunk.  Bronte felt that she could handle this situation, however, during her time with the client he forced her to drink Champagne, was verbally aggressive and physically rough with her.  So much so that she has sustained substantial bruising to her body.  She realises now that she should have probably ended the booking early, but decided to stay until the morning.  The client threw an envelope at her and told her that he had taken ?50 out of it as she was late.  She explained that she was late as he hadn?t called her in time to confirm his hotel details, and that she had in fact stayed longer to make up for this.  After the client left the room Bronte checked the envelope and it was ?100 short of the agreed fee.

This guy is very charming on the phone, but is to be avoided at all cost.  He is aggressive, and abusive both physically and verbally.

If you would like further details please do contact me, or Bronte.

Stay Safe


Penny x x x
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