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Author Topic: Scammer, boundary pusher, Long Eaton Nottingham  (Read 725 times)


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Scammer, boundary pusher, Long Eaton Nottingham
« on: 24 September 2022, 01:50:45 am »
Please pm me for the full name/number/address

Gov name: Liam N****** (but goes by %u2018Nico%u2019)
** W***** Street, Long Eaton, NG10 ***
Mixed race, lots of tattoos on his body, about 6 foot, braided hair on top that falls below his shoulders with shaved sides and back of head

Provided a picture of the cash and proof of his address relatively quickly for a 2 hour outcall, came across as very polite and accommodating over the phone and in person. In the booking when we had 45 mins left, we moved from the living room to the bedroom and that%u2019s when everything went downhill and took a turn for the worst.

He has a very big dick (I had to use XXXL condom) and I had verbally told him at the start of the booking about 10 mins when I was giving him oral that we may struggle to have sex as I am small framed/dress size 8. Throughout the booking he continuously got hard and soft but when we got into the bedroom he became extremely limp and I struggled to get him hard again but he asked for the XXXL condom so I put it on and as much as we both tried with different positions and angles, it just wasn%u2019t going in. Then all of a sudden his attitude just switched; he went from 0 to 100 real quick, got off the bed and became very aggressive demanding a refund because %u201Cyou didn%u2019t provide me with what I paid for (sex)%u201D. I explained to him that he paid for a duration/my time and since my arrival I have provided him with a sexual service but he wasn't having a bar of it. I told him that he was being extremely unreasonable because we have both tried to make it happen but he ended up grabbing my work phone and used that as leverage to essentially force me to give him back some of his money. I left shaking and full of rage!!

I should also mention that at the start of the appointment he told me that he was incarcerated for 14 years and has only been out of prison for six months. I question whether this is true or not because he didn't come across as someone who was integrating back into society (I've met a couple of guys in the past who have recently come out of prison and he just didn't give me that vibe), he also had a bunch of pets (cats, kittens, dog, bird etc) and was playing music off his TV from modern day songs and knew the lyrics to most of them, so I suspect he might have just said this to me at the very start of the booking because it was always his intention from the very beginning to basically try and scam me as he also mentioned at the end when I was putting my stuff together to leave that he booked another escort a couple of days prior for 30 minutes and had the exact same issue with her - she said that his penis was too big and she couldnt have sex with him so he demanded a refund and she gave him back the full amount. This guy is clearly a scammer and one to avoid  :FF

Lastly, in the booking there were moments when he was very heavy-handed and he also attempted to try and bareback me

[address and name censored]
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