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Author Topic: Run off Road/Attempted Murder - Essex  (Read 4181 times)

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Run off Road/Attempted Murder - Essex
« on: 16 November 2016, 11:38:03 pm »
This was a very serious incident that occurred in the early hours of this morning 16/11/2016.

A man rang and booked an outcall to his home and the booking was agreed/confirmed, passed all security checks etc. and so me and my driver set off. When we arrived I called to alert the client I was outside as I always do and another man answered the phone demanding I do a car meet for a fraction of my fee.

Obviously this was completely out of the question and so me and my driver drove away, suddenly I looked back and a car was following us. It gave chase at break-neck speed through windy residential streets before rear-shunting us twice and then smashing into the car from the side. We spun out and crashed into a brick wall before spinning back out into the main road and coming to a stop.

The cowards drove off before we could get a licence plate and left me and my driver for dead. We believe they were after money or stupidly assumed I had driven there alone, one of the two. We also believe this was maybe gang related and they didn't like other escorts on their turf, with how quiet things are right now we believe these animals are getting desperate to line their own pockets and don't care about killing off the competition.

This was in Chelmsford (again) near Broomfield Hospital and although the police were on scene fairly quickly these people are still very much at large with the police informing us they will probably never be caught. Our car is completely totalled and so we are officially closed for business until the insurance company sort everything (difficult without another known party) thank god. We're officially quitting Essex for good as it is simply too dangerous at the moment to safely make a living here.

This was not road rage or a dodgy client it was attempted murder and they didn't care if we were left alive or dead, they put us both in the hospital for the duration of the day and we are both very shaky.

Rang as Chris on number 075348852** but nothing comes up under the Tcaller app or on Google so probably just a PAYG throwaway. Car was a dark colour (pitch black due to streetlights going out after midnight) and possibly an X-reg old Ford Focus/Fiesta?? it was difficult to make out. Either way it has a huge dent in it's front now where it hit us.

Please be careful girls this was planned meticulously and they passed all security checks, they are VERY 'good' at what they do.
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