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Author Topic: Robber Leeds - Young Asian guy threatening with Police  (Read 1362 times)


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Robber Leeds - Young Asian guy threatening with Police
« on: 16 November 2014, 12:38:16 pm »
On Friday night a young Asian lad rang for an appointment 075887457**, very polite asking how much for an hour.  Gave him prices, he said he knew the area well and would ring when he was parked up.

When he came said that he would rather stay for half an hour rather than the hour he had previously said he wanted.  Session was fine, nice lad chatting about [removed] chain of restaurants.  He was wearing dark blue long johns under his trousers and a polo shirt with the restaurant name Nazams on the front and the address and phone number on the back *** Woodhouse St, Headingley, Leeds  011324385**. [identifying information removed].  He is 25 years old, nice looking, beard and moustache, 5ft 5" tall, has a couple of dark brown scars on his left arm.

At the end of the session asked for a glass of water, he followed me into the kitchen searching round saying he wanted his money back.  I had hidden his money on the table, he grabbed it and headed into the hall shouting "lets call the police and see what they have to say about all this".  Obviously I wanted to keep things quiet as the neighbours were in.  When he was outside the front door he turned and said "tell you what love you can have this for your time" and gave me ?20. 

Be careful ladies - he turned from being very nice to this type of behaviour within seconds.

Stay safe

[Address and phone number censored, identifying information removed]
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