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Author Topic: Condom Remover - Ilford, London.  (Read 1143 times)


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Condom Remover - Ilford, London.
« on: 26 May 2022, 12:11:37 pm »
Ilford, London, UK. 5 mins walk from Ilford station close the North Circular Road.

Original booking time for 21.30-22.30 but went over time. The extra time was paid for when notified of this.

Physical Description:
Approx. 5'10, white Albanian, has Albanian accent, slim build. Medium tattoo on forearm (I think the right handside), short trimmed hair. Number: 073426562**.

Booking Event:
Was pleasant, not aggressive but is quite rough during the session. Lives in a new building apartment block, met me downstairs to let me inside.
Took the lifts and had small talk, nothing unusual. Was paid as soon as I got in and got started straight away.

He is very big and so the condoms were slightly tight but was manageable; didn't split or tear during the session even though he was going very fast and very rough.
As the session progressed, I started to feel him fiddling with himself down there. Then when he rubbed himself on me on the outside, it felt different and so I went to feel if the condom is still on - he had taken it off already and the condom was on the side of the bed. We had already been at it for approx. 45 mins.
I know the condom was on for a good while, but I'm just unsure if he had taken it off already when he pulled out to rub himself on me, I just know I didn't feel the condom barrier when he was no longer inside me and start rubbing on me. I brought this up and he swore he never entered me bare, just rubbed on me bare. I grumbled but carried on.
I kept checking during the session, which he noticed and it didn't happen again but would still make attempts if I didn't keep checking him about it.
It went over 30 mins because he just wouldn't cum. He later admitted he kept holding it in. I asked for the extra time fee which he gave without problems.

He removed the condom during the session and if I didn't check periodically, he would have been barebacking me the entire session and not said anything about it. Beware. [off topic content removed]
Feel free to PM me if you want to talk.
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