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man in Bristol
« on: 17 January 2009, 01:45:38 am »
I had a booking tonight and have been left totally drained and upset
I had a 3 hour booking where a meal was involved
great i think, nice dinner date
Started well, nice chatty person en I even found flowers and chocolate on the bed  when I came in
But then he wanted sex straight away and it became clear thats what he wanted continuisly for the next 3 hours with a little time between for a bite to eat
I just dont feel comfortable with someone uses me as a ''thing'' to have sex with how long he pleases.
my experiences so far for longer bookings have always been about the company, good chat and the sex after so i never felt I had to bring it up as a subject
besides that, he was very rough during the sex, at one point he even had my neck between the bed and his chest which started to get really uncomfortable and i really had to tell him to slow down
It was sex like he didnt even know if i was there, made him self really heavy on me that kinda stuff
he did listen when i told him to be a softer so i saw that as a good sign but it just didnt seem to be his natural way of being as he slipped every time back into this rough routine.
over all now im home i feel like i put myself in a very vulnerable position
we did had dinner after and eventually it became clear that he was disapointed for paying so much money for only an hour sex so i decided to give him 50 quid back to keep him sweet. (we had a 3 hour booking)
I just thought i want to get out of here.
hes got this cocky personality that doesnt leave much room for listening to someone else and it was his first time booking and he hasnt got a clue how to go on about it
Realy girls, dont go near him, very bad experience!!!

he calls himself bob, sound quit good and chatty on the phone, in his 50s, grey hair, number 07974250***
hes got a london accent and asks if you want to wear your hair in a bun
feel free to ask me for the full number or anything else

take care x Sylvia

ps: I have the feeling that hes going to book another girl as he has me down as a disapiontment , he might go contacting girls
I think he will look at websites and he prefers to talk on the phone to get a feel about someone

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