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Author Topic: Jay Roma (Northan Irish accent)  (Read 2091 times)


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Jay Roma (Northan Irish accent)
« on: 29 October 2008, 09:55:21 am »
Had a call on thursday from a guy at 10.30pm asking if i could do a late night booking.  said he was over on business and would i be able to meet him about 1/2am.  I agreed saying i would call him before i set off to make sure he wasnt too drunk as i wouldnt be happy continuing with the appointment if i felt he was drunk.

He sent me the details of his hotel, said he was staying in Somerset, Street at the Wessex Hotel.  I did all of the usual securtiy checks against his name BUT..... i wasnt able to call the hotel straight away as i was already at the hotel of a regular client so i put it to the back of my mind and thought 'i will call the hotel when i leave here'.  To cut a long story short, my booking ran over, way over so i called 'Jay' and explained (actually i lied and told him i was running late because i had gone to the wrong place), he was fine about it.  My regular wasnt too keen on letting me go and i was having fun so i was suprised at 3am when 'Jay' was still asking if i was nearly there yet.  I finally got going and luckily my regular showed me on the map how to get to Street in 25min so off i went.  it was 4am by now and i completely forgot to call the hotel to check 'Jay' was in his room.  Needless to say when i got there Jay Roma was not booked in and strangely enough he didnt answer his phone after this either.

The guy was obviously a twat but it does serve me right for taking a booking in such a hurry and not following up my own checks with the fundemental hotel call!!!  Luckily because i was already on a booking close by i only went 25min out of my way so no harm done and i wasnt out of pocket.  if i had done this from home i would have been over an hour (each way) out of my way and out of pocket for petrol if nothing else.

Luckily my regular had asked me to text and say i got there safely, when i told him what happened he promptly called me back for another 2 hours and a hearty breakfast so i did alright out of it but watch out for this twat and dont do what i did.... make sure you make the call to the hotel, room 210 was empty that night!!!