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Title: Short payer, Birmingham
Post by: Umrao Jaan on 10 July 2020, 06:44:10 pm
Indian man late 30’s blue turban, grey top and white track suit joggers.

This was my first trial day and I had a gut feeling that something was’n’t right about this guy.

I had plenty of calls so wasn't really bothered if he showed or not. He did, seem very weird and that feeling kept niggling away at me. He handed over the funds folded as he headed to the shower room. I checked it whilst he is in the shower, it was 20 short. When he came out I mentioned it and he said can I give it to you after and I agreed as he was wrapped in the towel, I asked him to put it through my letter box. Silly mistake on my part. I reminded him when he left, he didn't post the money through and just walked off. I saw him get into his car (white audi) . He drove past and I caught his number plate too.


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