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Author Topic: Grabbed Money Back and Made threats in Wembley  (Read 2387 times)


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Grabbed Money Back and Made threats in Wembley
« on: 02 October 2021, 02:35:03 pm »

Tel Numbers: 
078524476**     or 
077421884**    or

Claimed to be a 26 year old half Pakistani and half Moroccan who lives in Nottingham and comes to London to see his father, sister and little brother.

He is 5ft5 inches tall, very slim, light skinned, wore black jeans, light grey pull over with a green raggy jacket/overcoat.  He has a scar on his right eye by the side and has a bit of pock mark on his face.  He looks like an uglier version of Zain from that boy band group.

He called at 2am and asked for a two hour booking. He claimed to be in Central London at a gambling casino. He got an UBER to my place (a typical white Prius) and I brought him inside my place. 

He smoked weed and had two bottles of Vodka and did some lines of coke.  He used his mobile phone as the coke table and pulled out a blue bank card which he used to cut the coke.

He spent from 2am until 12:48 in my place and I have not been paid because the £160 he initially paid at the beginning of the booking he snatched back by way of threats and violence.

When it was time to conclude the booking, he stated that he would transfer money to my account to cover the whole of the booking and he wanted me to give him back the £160 he paid me in cash.

I refeused to accept a bank transfer and he became belligerent and accused me of stealing his bank card.  I told him that I will call 101 and have the officers come to take him home as he refused to leave. He went ballistic.

I rang the 999 number and he started shouting to the operator that he was with a prossie who stole his card and took money from him; I then piped up and explained to the police operator what transpired and she said officers should be in route.   After hearing that, he started feverishly to look for the money and pulled my wardrobe door open and started to rummage through it looking for the cash.

I just wanted him gone at this point and he took back the cash he gave me; I just gave it back to him and he left shouting threats and trying to wreck my front hallway on his way out.

He gave me lots of information about him and he claimed he sells dope to Ro***ian brothels in Edgware so beware of any callers who claimed they sling dope in NW London.  PM me if you want his numbers and want the rest of the identifying information about him. 


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Re: Grabbed Money Back and Made threats in Wembley
« Reply #1 on: 05 August 2022, 01:04:38 pm »

UPDATE:   This guy is back and started harassing me from a new number:  078778161**

Rang me on a new number and said he wanted a booking.  My spidey senses leapt up because the voice was familiar but I could not place it until he said he was a half Moroccan half Pakistani guy who was looking for a regular.  This time he claimed he was a 30 year business owner!  I blocked immediately.  Just wanted to alert you ladies in NW London he is about and probably looking to rob again!