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Author Topic: Dangerous Peterborough.  (Read 1323 times)


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Dangerous Peterborough.
« on: 19 July 2022, 02:21:04 am »
I have normally accepted bank transfers and never had a problem.

This young small Pakistani [man] with gold teeth and tattoo on neck arrived and asked to do a bank transfer. He gave me the phone and asked me to fill in my details. He then took the phone and said he had clicked sent. Only there was no money in my account. He said that it could take up to two hours.

I said no l can not do the service till the money in my account. He insisted it had gone through.

He kept showing me on Google that it can take two hours.

I said sorry but go and l will text when it comes or refund you when it does.

He started to shout and picked up hotel phone saying he would ring reception and screaming at me to give him the cash equivalent of the bank transfer. I picked up all my phones and cash and threw on a dressing gown and ran out of the room and screamed. He ran out after me and punched me in the face. A woman came out a room to check l was ok and l said it was a domestic. I then had to go downstairs and get another key as was locked out my room.

He obviously had not gone to reception as they seemed ok with me.

I then texted every lady in the area on Vivastreet and managed to get videos where he had done the same thing before. He had actually done much worse to other ladies. [off topic removed]

I also managed to get info of a second number.

[off topic removed]

His numbers are 078645464** and 077160076**

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