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Author Topic: Dangerous/Disturbing Man in Basingstoke  (Read 2850 times)


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Dangerous/Disturbing Man in Basingstoke
« on: 11 April 2009, 05:27:00 am »

 Posting this warning here at request of another lady:

 There is a man in Basingstoke who seems ok the first time you visit but then goes funny. Although on my website I specifically state I do not offer S&M or bondage, on my second visit, without asking permission, he handcuffed me to the inside of his wardrobe, closed the doors, then proceeded to assemble items including a ball-gag, a dog lead and a mask.

Whilst he was in another room, I managed to break out of the handcuffs and wardrobe and confronted him. To be fair, he was ok with that though seemed annoyed that the handcuffs were so flimsy.

I later found out he had previously forced an escort to take `hardsports' in her mouth whilst bound and blindfolded, against her will. He told me this himself and also that he had previously spent several years in a mental institution. He said the only time he had used the blindfold was to make a girl take hardsports, therefore I suspect he may have been planning it for me as he did talk about it a lot as that is what he had used the blindfold/mask and hancuffs for before ("so she couldn't see what was coming" his words).

I must point out that I did willingly go into the wardrobe, although he didn't ask if it was ok, and it happened so fast I didn't have time to think. He also knew from seeing me once before, that I drive myslef to bookings.

His number is   079**445891     (You can PM Evie for the full number)