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Author Topic: Dangerous Birmingham BB  (Read 2026 times)


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Dangerous Birmingham BB
« on: 23 April 2016, 08:17:00 am »

I thought I would mention this guy because 2nd day in yesterday after returning to FS he tried to contact me to arrange a booking again not realising that I had kept his number. I'm so glad that I did. He is a member of various forums too.

Going back to last year now he seemed absolutely fine before the appointment. As soon as I let him in to the apartment he immediately pushed me down to floor absolutely smothering me. Being rather foolish I believed that he was just nervous and wanted to get straight in to the action. I suggested going to the bedroom. Everything was fine until sex began. He pinned me down on to the bed holding me arms under my leaving no space between us and pinned my head down with his own but acting like he was kissing me. I believed that he was moving in such a way that he was trying to work off the condom inside me so asked to check it. He completely zoned out pinning me down as I struggled to get him off pushing me down harder.
I won't go on explaining because in honestly to this day I absolutely fucking detest the thought of it but basically he managed to work the condom off and I could not get him off me. Luckily I managed to get him off before he came. He was excessively sweaty, my body and bed was drenched in it.
He then acted as if absolutely nothing had happened. I was in shock, absolutely mortified and in floods of tears and he left.

Smartly dressed and with a briefcase. Absolutely no warning signs.

He contacted me yesterday and I told him that under no circumstances would I ever meet him again and not to contact me. He asked me what had allegedly happened because he doesn't remember ever meeting me.

He is incredibly dangerous ladies and obviously still out there.

I am an experienced WG, I am very careful about who I meet, no vetting procedure is fool proof.
I do mixed martial arts and am pretty strong but I struggled for almost an hour to get him off me.

PM me for his number.


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Re: Dangerous Birmingham BB
« Reply #1 on: 23 April 2016, 10:16:26 am »
Hannah, could you please post the mobile number with no spaces and the last two digits censored so that it's in the correct format for the forum and people can search for it? Not everybody who uses this board is registered and can use the PM system.

Some information that might help other women identify him would also be helpful - rough age, physical description (hair colour/height/build/tattoos), first name used, accent when speaking, Adultwork User ID/nickname might all assist somebody :).
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