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Author Topic: Crawley, total TW, See and trait to kiss and touch without paying before  (Read 486 times)


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Yesterday a great idiot came,
 first I could not find the address, it is very easy for many clients,
after he comes and tries to kiss and touch without having paid before,
then I tell him he does not touch me until he sees the money,
then he comes and takes the card of credit!! A total TW ...  :FF
 I told him that he accepted only money, then he told me that he was going to the ATM,
and I said 'never come back to my flat again .... !!!

Before he told me that he was fromTurkia,
 he is more or less 60 years old, smelly, full of wrinkles.
Phone : 073783222** (Privat pm for full number)
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