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Author Topic: Client robbing girls in Kingston upon Thames  (Read 423 times)


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Client robbing girls in Kingston upon Thames
« on: 13 October 2021, 07:57:33 pm »
This happened to me yesterday at about 14.50. I usually work from Kingston hotels.

A man contacted me that morning to book an hour appointment. Upon arrival, he then stated he wanted only a 15 minute booking (which I don't offer). I reluctantly agreed to see him only 15 minutes because I became immediately very uncomfortable at this man's behaviour.

He is shifty, aggressive, boundary-pushing and asks a lot of strange and suspicious questions, such as how to lock the hotel door and whether or not I was independent, likely gauging vulnerability. He is about 5'8 in size, white with dark hair and facial hair. Has some tattoos, most notably one that says 'Holly' left of his collarbone, although this unfortunately isn't visible when clothes are still on. Typical London accent.

After doing the deed, he told me he was part of a police operation involving prostitution, which I immediately knew was bullshit. After I told him to leave, he then grabbed handfuls of money from where I was hiding it (I stupidly had a lot of cash on me at the time and had not hidden it properly due to being in a rush that morning). He could tell I was hiding money there as I got very uncomfortable whenever he came close to that part of the room.

Anyway by his general demeanour, I feel that this person probably has done this before to other girls and likely will continue to do it in the future. He may be working with others as he spoke to someone very briefly on the phone just before stealing from me, saying he'd 'be down in five minutes'.

His number is 075704710** - I will reply to everyone who sends me a message with the full number. I'd highly recommend that you block this individual as I don't want others to be taken advantage of.