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Author Topic: Warning: Girls robbed at gunpoint  (Read 4184 times)

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Warning: Girls robbed at gunpoint
« on: 14 June 2007, 09:55:23 pm »
I have just read this on P/Link and thought I would post it here also:

This is an email we sent to the Captain this evening in the hope that he would spread the word and that we, Agencies and Independents, can take this threat more seriously before one or more girls gets hurt.

"Hi Captain,

We would like to bring to your attention an incident involving some girls in the W14 area this evening where 3 young men posing as clients visited an address of working escorts and robbed them at gunpoint. They made off with some thousands of pounds of the girls' money and their mobile phones.

This, unfortunately is not an isolated incident. As far as we know, this has been happening with some frequency in the last few weeks. We and others believe that these robberies are being carried out by the same group of people whose modus seem to be the making of an appointment to see an escort and once through the front door, make some excuse to go back to it in order to let his conspirators in, 3 in total. At which point guns are produced by each and the demand for all monies and mobile phones are made.

We believe that 2 of them are black and 1 is of Indian extraction.

We would ask that you spread the word to all agencies and indies alike to be aware, if they are not already and perhaps take some care.

Spencer & Victoria
Agency Barracuda"