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Author Topic: Bristol - Unpleasant Client  (Read 1705 times)


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Bristol - Unpleasant Client
« on: 10 July 2022, 09:42:33 am »
Weston Super Mare - Bristol

01.30-06.00 -  30th Jun

Contact Number:

A white British middle aged man in his 50s who sports a short haircut and is quite stocky in build.

Was very chatty on the phone and keen to meet. Was supposed to meet earlier but work delayed him so ended up meeting much later.

Arrived and got cash out the way and asked how much everything will be and said don't worry about cab home, I'll sort you out later. Session started okay but when he started taking c*ke (didn't tell me he was a party client), then things went down hill. I don't party myself but usually don't mind if the client does, preferring they let me know first.
I brushed it off and carried on with the booking but he just got more agitated due to the substance and started to become very rough.

He's very well endowed so the whole experience was very painful for me but he kept snapping at me to stop complaining that I'm ruining it. The whole 4 hours was just constant and made me feel like some sort of sex ragdoll. I just waited for the time to be over and when it was time for him to pay for the cab back, he went on like 'oh no I already paid you in the beginning, that's all I'm giving you. That's what we agreed anyways'. Completely forgetting we agreed the fee excluding the cab fare home which he claimed he will sort out.

Ended up getting the train home as the cab home was really expensive as he lived far away from where I was staying.
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Re: Bristol - Unpleasant Client
« Reply #1 on: 11 July 2022, 04:49:00 pm »
Please Can you adjust the number— you only need to asterisk the last two digits.
Thank you