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Author Topic: Boundary Pusher Watford  (Read 505 times)


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Boundary Pusher Watford
« on: 03 May 2019, 07:03:31 pm »
English gent arrives 5 minutes early. I give him my door number and tell him to wait 5 minutes then buzz. 10 seconds later  :FF and he's buzzed my door. I pick up the intercom and tell him to wait 5 minutes (again) which he does.
Into the room and we get down to it. He made a point of telling me he read my profile very thoroughly.
He is very rough and as he's using his fingers, he tries to insert one into my ass. My profile makes it VERY clear I do not offer any anal play at all. I tell him if he does it again he's out.
On with the booking and I'm telling him almost every 5 minutes to stop being so rough as he's hurting me. Final straw came when he tried to rub my asshole a 2nd time. I shot up and told him to leave.
He was very persistent and insisted hed done nothing wrong. I said I didn't care what he thought, just leave the premises.

He sat on bed and kept trying to reason with me. It wasn't until I threatened him with security that he got dressed and left.
He asked to use the loo on the way out which I told him absolutely not.

He left muttering to himself as I slammed the door behind him.

Glenn, around 45-50 years old, grey balding hair with a small growth thing on the back of his head.