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Author Topic: Attempted robbery. Threats of rape - heathrow Bath road  (Read 870 times)


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This charming thing booked half hour. He was round the corner from my hotel anyway.  I was outside smoking at the time of phonecall.  I said give me a few minutes  please as just having a cigarette.  When I got upstairs just as I shut my door behind me someone tried to push it open.  Said "shut up... let in in. " luckily I managed to shut the door very quicklybehind me and pretended to call the police very loudly. I looked through peep hole and no one was there. Probably legged I as he didn't get in. stayed in my room. The guy kept calling and calling and I wouldn't answer.  He then proceeded to send me absolutley vile messages threatening to put my pictures all over Hayes.  Go to reception and threaten me with rape and robbery. Threatenung waiting outside hotel to jump me. Absolutley vile. Recieved over 30 messages.

Sounded youngish. Black. London chavvy accent. Using slang.

Telephone number  :+4478181927**
Location: Heathrow- Bath road
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