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Author Topic: ***RULES for posting warnings***  (Read 18378 times)

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***RULES for posting warnings***
« on: 14 January 2010, 11:44:42 am »
When you post a warning, please include the general location of the incident in the title of your post so that those who may be affected will know they should read your warning. If you're posting about someone who you think would cover a wide area, indicate that in the title. Your title should say something like: Robbery, West London.

If you're posting about a timewaster or nuisance who you don't believe to be dangerous, include the word "timewaster" in your title.

Warnings should include as much information as possible that could help other people to identify the subject to somebody they may contact, such as accent, ethnicity, scars and tattoos. However we can't publicise full names, phone numbers, addresses, car registrations or email addresses which could identify them to others, so please censor part of each. You can include the uncensored details in a private message to another user if she PMs you to ask for them.

If all phone numbers are posted with the same format, it will make it easy to search the forum to see if a particular number has been posted. Therefore, please post phone numbers with no spaces and the last two digits replaced by asterisks, like this: 078123456**. If you want to search the forum for a phone number, just format it in the same way and put it in the search box.

[Further information added to clarify]
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Re: ***RULES for posting warnings***
« Reply #1 on: 27 February 2011, 05:35:07 pm »
In addition to the above, can members please remember that the purpose of the Warnings section is to alert others to potentially dangerous people or situations, and as such it needs to be concise, relevant and informative so that anyone who needs to can find this information easily.

It's great that we all have each other's support, and of course everybody sympathises with those who have had an unpleasant experience but messages which do not add to a thread or contain any useful information (including requests for full phone numbers and so on) need to be sent via the PM system, not posted on the Warnings board. These posts can also needlessly bump older threads to the top of the page, making current/more recent incidents less likely to be quickly spotted.

Please consider what, if anything, your post adds to the thread before sending it. Any information which may help somebody avoid a situation where they may be robbed, abused or harmed is good  :), however patchy you may think it is! Anything other than information, please send a PM instead.
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Re: ***RULES for posting warnings***
« Reply #2 on: 01 November 2018, 11:00:45 pm »
Posts here now need approval before appearing. We're usually quite quick about this, but please don't worry if it doesn't appear within minutes.
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