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Author Topic: Offer:Discount Yoni Healing/Sexual Healing Sessions: London & Wiltshire  (Read 265 times)


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Hi everyone,

I offer Tantric Yoni healing sessions and sexual healing session's at a discounted rate for all female service providers.  Session's can be in person or online if you just want to talk and we can tailor it to suit your needs.   
I've got to say, Sex work is an incredible route to take.  You can find yourself in the most intimate and exciting situations with random strangers.  People can tell you their deepest secrets, you can meeting amazing people and find yourself travelling the world if you want to relying on no one else but yourself and your ability to create the cash. It can be empowering, lucrative, and way more colourful than the average job.  Personally, despite the difficult times I wouldn't have done anything else!
But it can also be incredibly lonely and difficult at times. You can encounter some real nob heads, end up in physically threatening situations not to mention the endless calls and emails from all kinds of strange people. That in itself can be a real burden.

I am a certified Sexologist and Counsellor with ten years experience in Tantra.  I offer bespoke sexual healing and bodywork sessions to restore sensitivity and connection to your own sexuality. It's important to take time for you when you're giving so much of yourself.  You'll feel the difference after one session and have tips and techniques to take away with you to help counteract the effects of some of the more difficult clients you may encounter. I'm also here to listen to you if you need to vent about the tricky ones.  I've been there.

 I work from Salisbury in Wiltshire and very close to Paddington station in London.  We can also talk online via Zoom.

 A little about me: I have worked in the sex industry for sixteen years.  During that time I've been an escort (six years) lap dancer (1 year) dominatrix (2 years)  I now work as a Tantric Practitioner, somatic sexual educator and counsellor (10 years)

I do ask for a deposit payable by bank transfer or paypal to secure sessions.  You're welcome to check me out on social media to see I've been an established practitioner for ten years.

You can find out more about me at my website:  you can also email me at for more details.

I'm also on Facebook and Twitter as Vicky Vibrance.