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Author Topic: Okay, here are the rules!  (Read 10233 times)


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Okay, here are the rules!
« on: 17 November 2009, 05:57:28 pm »
If you are a webmaster and you think you have the next best thing since sliced bread in the guise of a website or directory, feel free to post your link here. But note that certain rules will apply. If they're not adhered to, your post/thread will be deleted. If you persist, your account will be deleted without notice. Simple:

1. You can only post your link once in a post/thread.

2. Don't try and double-nic for the sake of deception. We'll catch you out.

3. Don't try and bump your thread back to the top with irrelevant or useless information. If you have something new or up-to-date to add that you think might be of benefit, that's fine.

4. Don't bad-mouth other websites or directories in order to make your own look more attractive. We object to being manipulated.

5. Be prepared for your site to be critiqued by the members  here. If you're serious about your work, you won't mind.

And not a rule but a caveat: Ladies, whatever links are posted here, they are in no way endorsed or recommended by SAAFE. If you're looking for sites that have been truly used and recommended by other escorts, see here:

(Admins & mod, if you feel that anything else has to be included, please do so.)
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Advertiser members and use of the SAAFE forum.
« Reply #1 on: 29 December 2011, 10:23:46 am »
If you are not a sex worker or somebody who works with sex workers but would like to sign up here to offer your services to our members, your account will be added to our Advertiser membergroup which limits your use of the SAAFE forum as follows:

You may post one thread to advertise whatever you are offering, and in the Spamming section this can include website links/URLs. Links may only be posted once, and not included in signatures or picture captions; duplicate links or touting in signatures will be removed.

Advertisers who are clearly promoting their commercial activities solely towards sex workers (agencies, advertising directories, webdesigners) should post in the Spamming section. Individuals offering a general business service (eg. accounting or driving) may use Seeking/Offering provided links are not posted and this section is not abused. If your post is not appropriate to the board, it will be moved - please check before trying to post again.

Advertisers cannot post on any boards other than those in the advertising sections, so members should report any non-sex worker posts made outside these sections. An Advertiser who may have a warning to post should contact SAAFE admin via email.

Advertisers cannot receive, send or reply to private messages, so it is important that your post makes it clear how members can contact you - you can add an email address to your profile or post a phone number if you prefer. Do not post responses to private messages on the public board. Full members, please contact an advertiser by the method which they have requested - if there is a phone number or email address, use it rather than posting responses on the board they are unlikely to see.

The SAAFE site and forum is an independent non-profit making peer support and advice resource and not a free advertising space - any duplicate posts, thread bumping, spamming (including digging up ancient threads for no reason) or otherwise pointless attempts to boost your profile will be removed.

Please also see the general Forum Guidelines here. Any queries regarding advertising on this forum can be emailed to the address on the main SAAFE site.
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