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Author Topic: SCOT-PEP - we need YOU for our Campaigning Group  (Read 2332 times)


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SCOT-PEP - we need YOU for our Campaigning Group
« on: 26 May 2012, 01:32:13 pm »
On the 23rd of May Rhoda Grant MSP made the first step towards launching a bill for the criminalisation of the purchase of sex in Scotland. It is not a bill yet, but it will be. We will be campaigning vigorously against this bill, as we believe it will have a significant negative impact on sex workers lives, safety, access to health services and human rights.

Sex workers in Scotland will know that their rights and safety have been being slowly eroded for the last ten years, from kerb-crawling legislation to the Scottish Executive's stated policy that all sex work is 'Commercial Sexual Exploitation' and is intrinsically damaging to everyone involved, no matter what they have to say about it. Well, we have a LOT to say about it, and we think you do too.

Our Campaign Group, made up of our Board of Directors and current and former sex workers from across Scotland, meets every month in Edinburgh. The Campaign Group exists to ensure that SCOT-PEP truly reflects the views and opinions of sex workers and their supporters in Scotland; and that all of our campaigning and lobbying work is driven by its members.

We always need more members, more voices and more views, but never more than now, right NOW, when the rights and safety of sex workers in Scotland are at stake; if we lose this battle we may not get a chance to fight it again for a decade or more. Membership of the Campaign Group can be completely anonymous and people are free to choose how involved they wish to be in our activities. 

Here?s how you can find out more and get involved:

Email us at:
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