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Title: Flat offered, Aldgate East [was: Take over my whole flat]
Post by: Ria on 17 November 2019, 08:25:38 am
I need to return to my country and my rental contract of a three bedroom plus one living room flat near Aldgate East can be reassigned into your name.

You need to be legal in this country (ideal if British/European person) and be serious with some work and bank references (to be admitted by the rental agent). I rented here through openrent so I deal directly with the landlord representative and the amount of checking is much less than it would be  with a tradicional estate agency.

It’s £1900 deposit and £1900 month rent

There are 4 double beds in it now. Two rooms are very large, ideal if you will share with someone.

Text me at 07752428891 and come to see the place today..

[Title edited for clarity]