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Author Topic: Seeking SW-friendly Flatmate London  (Read 95 times)


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Seeking SW-friendly Flatmate London
« on: 08 April 2021, 03:46:09 pm »

I am looking for a SW or SW friendly flatmate to buddy up with and find an amazing house or flatshare in London (zones 1-4).

Ideally, I am looking to buddy up with another working gal so we can afford a lovely, good value place to live in and receive incalls in (hopefully a house, with a good amount of space, privacy and a garden). If you are interested you will be joining me (24yo girl, currently in my last year of uni in London) and my lovely bestie (also 24, boy, LGBTQ+ and doing his PhD in artificial intelligence), and together our rental budget is about £2000/month, so we are hoping that with a little bit of a bump from one of the lovely ladies on SAAFE, we'll be able to get a beautiful detached three-bedroom house, with multiple/ensuite bathrooms.

We are generally very laidback and open-minded people, though we are also firm believers in having respect for anyone we live with and the house itself, as well as tidiness (we are planning on hiring housekeeping, which will come at no extra cost to you!). In terms of incalls, I would be the only one working aside from you, if you plan to work in the flat/house, and therefore there should be no issues with legality, with the added bonus of having the security of a third (and male) person in emergencies. We don't have any requirements for flatmates, apart from being friendly and having good communication :D

We are looking to move by the end of April :)

Thanks so much for reading, if you're interested and think this may be a good fit please get in touch on here or email me on

Lots of Love,
May xx