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Author Topic: Timewaster, books a few escorts at the same time  (Read 197 times)


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Timewaster, books a few escorts at the same time
« on: 30 June 2020, 08:29:54 pm »
Ive met this man in the past and this is a second time when he cancelled me last moment giving some strange excuses
- his mother is ill
- his car's tyre has a puncture

This time he was stupid enough to bother me by texts trying to book an appointment and then sending me another text at 2 am !!! using different name trying to book an appointment with another escort but the text was sent to me.

It's just a repeated time waster and I would say to avoid him

He uses different names what I worked out from the second text he sent me that was supposed to be for another Lady : Ash, Jay

He is in his 50's , tall , Indian origin, from the accent -born in the UK

I would just advise to avoid him as more likely he will book and then cancel the next day having some strange explanation and the true is that he books several people at the same time.

His number 078244104..