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Author Topic: Time waster in Marble Arch, London  (Read 233 times)


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Time waster in Marble Arch, London
« on: 16 May 2022, 10:51:23 am »
I was contacted at about 11am on a Saturday for an outcall booking in Marble Arch at 2pm, arranged to meet at a restaurant. We had a quick chat on the phone, sounded perfectly nice & I reminded him it would take me about an hour to get there. He told me he booked a restaurant, where we would meet. He was super specific about what he wanted me to wear (initially a secretary get up, told him I didn't have the right stuff so landed on short skirt & tight top w/ no bra). He was texting the whole journey, asking questions trying to get me to describe people's reactions to my outfit/where my nipples were showing blah blah. Started to feel uneasy after arriving, waited 10 mins with no show, asked in the restaurant whether there was a booking under Ian's name & there wasn't. Then realised he had likely just been getting off on the thought of me travelling for ages in a revealing outfit - was very anxious that he knew where I was and exactly what I was wearing. Tried calling him 3 times, it seemed he blocked my number.

Essentially just a time waster but made me feel very uneasy. He sent me a photo of 'his' ID (who knows) with a last name as well, feel free to PM me if you want more details. The number he used was 075434032**