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Title: PLEASE READ: How to use this section - Reporting PERSISTENT timewasters/pests.
Post by: amy on 12 April 2012, 05:45:05 pm
This section is for reporting persistent timewasters, no-shows, and the people who send abusive, threatening or upsetting communications without meeting us in person.

Use this section to report:

Punters who repeatedly book and don't turn up, or clearly have no intention of keeping the appointment (this includes double booking you with someone you know, or anybody who has done the same thing to other people you have checked with).

Punters who ring and threaten or abuse you, or turn nasty/odd on the phone for no reason - use your judgement. This includes texting and offensive emails as well as phone calls.

Punters that you have never met face to face, but whom you believe to be stalking or harassing you personally in any way (including via message boards, phone/text/email and also address collectors). Stalking means any persistent behaviour or pursuing any course of action which is causing or intended to cause you alarm or distress, and it is against the law.

DO NOT post here about:

Punters who ring and haven't read your ad, ask for services you don't offer, or ask silly questions unless it is persistent enough to cause you serious nuisance. Post this stuff in How Not To Book An Escort. (

One off unexplained no shows - we all get them, and a single incident which may be due to completely innocent circumstances is not sufficient reason to post somebody's details here. If you want to rant about this, there are plenty of other places on the board.

Punters causing problems in person or whom you have met face to face - post about these incidents in the main Warnings section (

As per the rest of the site, no identifying personal details may be posted because of Data Protection laws, but members can send it privately to each other via the PM system. Mobile numbers should be posted with no spaces and the last two digits censored, like this: 012345678** and NOT like this: *12**567*9*.

Posts that do not belong in this section will be moved to HNTBAE or deleted as appropriate. This includes chat or speculation that adds nothing to the warning - please see also the main Rules For Posting Warnings ( thread.