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Author Topic: Death Threats and Extreme Text Abuse City of London  (Read 347 times)


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Death Threats and Extreme Text Abuse City of London
« on: 22 September 2022, 06:54:17 pm »
I have had another encounter with a parricularly nasty individual i did not report on here the first time but has now gotten out of hand.

He had previously gotten abusive after i refused to see him given that he insisted that he be alone with me in my apartment, that all security cameras be turned off, that he tie me up in bondage i could not escape (i do do bondage with those i know, someone else present and escapable ties) i suspected it to be a robbery attempt as well as against my rules so i declined, he sent me horriffic abuse for several days including saying he knows where i live/can see me etc, he did not have the address so this was not likely and nothing came of it

Today he started up again, i told him to stop calling because of our past encounter as he was blocking my phone line with endless calls, he sent dozens and dozens of abusive, graphic messages including death threats and a promise to find me when i wasnt expecting it

I have not met this man so can only tell you that he claims to be in his 30s and English asian, he sounds younger than he claims and uses a lot of london slang/bad grammer he has called me in 2021 when i was based in bayswater and this week now i have moved to the city/liverpool st

The main number he uses is 074741137xx , he also uses blocked numbers and another number making silent calls in amongst his onslaught was 075371428xx

Please be aware and careful with this person