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Author Topic: CONSTANT texting, gets abusive when ignored, but stalky too  (Read 144 times)


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Hi everyone,
New best friend, number is 074865272**
Don’t know their name, never got that far! Uses the little shocked emoji as their name on WhatsApp.
Assuming they got my number from adultseek, as started to get messages on there too once I started ignoring texts.
Repeatedly asked for meets despite saying I wasn’t doing meets yet due to lockdown, I got about 40 texts in 2 hours ranging from ‘hello???’ To ‘what the fuck is your problem’ - kept wanting screenshots of our conversation??? He also sent me a transcript from another chat, I didn’t click on it or read it, but when I said ‘you do realise you’ve just sent me someone’s number’ he said ‘it doesn’t matter it’s just another escort’ (charmer!).

I’ve now taken down my adultseek ad as he said he will leave me daily negative feedback (he’s already left feedback from when I ignored him the first time, saying I was a fake profile who asks for money and then never sends pics - also keeps accusing me of being Meg Smith???).

I’m based Newcastle/Gateshead, but as it was through adultseek he could be anywhere I suppose.

*edited to add, AS name is Myster**
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