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Author Topic: Where To Advertise  (Read 294059 times)


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Re: Where To Advertise
« Reply #345 on: 30 August 2016, 09:15:20 pm »
I think its just one of those days. I find that things come in batches. For example, yesterday was TW day!


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Re: Where To Advertise
« Reply #346 on: 30 August 2016, 09:36:26 pm »
I know what you mean, TLOTN.  But you get up and work.  A friend of mine had Big C some time ago.  She had chemo and a big op.  She was working whilst going through the treatment.  Took 3 weeks off after the big op.  She's still working. 

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Re: Where To Advertise
« Reply #347 on: 20 September 2016, 10:09:37 pm »
Hi Paris,thats really useful info,hadnt heard of half of those xxx


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Re: Where To Advertise
« Reply #348 on: 30 September 2016, 04:28:28 pm »
Girls, do you have FB, Tumblr accounts to promote yourself?


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Re: Where To Advertise
« Reply #349 on: 04 October 2016, 03:13:34 am »
Please explain it to me how in the name of allmighty is possible that NOBODY can tell this community an actual and sure website on wich we can get clients .
It is so much hate and envy on eachother ,that NOone can give some info that is actually working and clients call????
Newspapers?What are the name of those newspapers?Nothing nothing only a few sites from 2013 or something like this.
And what locations?Exactly.GPS exactly. :))
I read the forum and i find answers like"go anywhere you like and you feel is working for you"
"life is great''  ''you will find an answer''.and answers like this.
I'm not from england english is not my used language but i was shocked to read this kind of answers.
I'm  new in this buisness but in my country i never find a thing like that.
It's shamefull that we girls can't or won''t help each other with this easy info and make our life harder like is not enough hard what we already doing.


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Re: Where To Advertise
« Reply #350 on: 04 October 2016, 05:46:37 am »
I don't know what you're talking about. This thread is full of discussion of specific websites.

I admit that we can be secretive about our favourite hotels, but that's because we fear a flood of girls going in and possibly ruining it by behaving indiscretely. However, quite a few of us are very generous and share this information privately with established posters with whom we've built reciprocal relationships.

There's no site guaranteed to get anyone bookings. For most of us, adultwork and vivastreet are the busiest.

There's also a thread on here about working without adultwork that discusses alternatives in depth.


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Re: Where To Advertise
« Reply #351 on: 04 October 2016, 12:49:02 pm »
Well, that's us told...  ::)

Personally, I'd say people like Amy, Fabs, Paris, Aussie and many others are very generous with information.

Perhaps you need to read and contribute a bit more, Suzy.
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Re: Where To Advertise
« Reply #352 on: 09 October 2016, 01:44:45 pm »
Wow Suzy you have quite a strong opinion for someone who posted here ONCE.
Myself I've been escorting for 2 years now and EVERYTHING I LEARNT, each And every tiny bit, I learnt it here. Either by posting and asking and getting replies from a few lovely ladies (+ Aussie xw5 of course) and or by using the search box. Or by spending hours reading through Saafe.
Or by experimenting with websites/trying one or another and learning which one works for me.
If you think that by coming here and just bitching you'll get advice then hell no :)


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Re: Where To Advertise
« Reply #353 on: 15 October 2016, 10:12:02 am »
It was actually me that started this thread years ago and others have contributed to it over the years with other places to advertise to help others starting out

Now though I tend to share my info with several escorts that  I trust and get along with and they do the same rarely a day goes by without speaking to some of them even my friend who lives abroad but tours the UK .We all help each other out on both a working and friendship level

But You have no idea how many times that I have given someone really really useful info on hotels / adverts and very specific stuff by pm to not even get a thank you back I'm talking stuff that in certain places like Dubai that will keep you safe

Not that I want a thank you I've always been happy to help anyone but when your giving someone information that will allow them to cut through all the crap , hassle , stay safe and earn money off the back of my own hard research and time and effort it its fucking rude not to reply back with a simple thank you It can take weeks to suss out a good tour in a foreign country it can be lucrative or shit but that would be my risk to take 

When I first when to Australia years ago my 1 month tour cost me almost ?6000 I could have lost that money or made triple it was a gamble but one that paid off
But some people want all the info on hotels ,advertising , best places to go to stuff without even saying thank you .

Also if I want something I will always offer up what I have first as a show of good faith so if I want to go somewhere I will ask if the person could possibly send me some info on xxx and if they like I will send them info on abc first

The bonus is is that having worked in several different  countries around the world and around the UK over the years I normally have someone from somewhere that I can ask for info from for  others if needed .

So maybe if you start of by saying where your from you might find that it's a place that someone wants to tour to and they will swop info with you
    In fact pretty much all the ladies that I consider to be very good friends it's strange that we all started out by contacting each other on asking for advice on where to go and tour.and built friendships from there
I stay in touch with all of them regularly by Watsapp , texts meeting up ( only today I met up with one lady in Bristol as we both had some free time for a good all gossip and coffee )

Thank you 😄
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Re: Where To Advertise
« Reply #354 on: 15 October 2016, 10:37:07 am »
Paris once stopped by a couple of hotels I was curious about when she was touring the area just to let me know if they were workable. She is extremely generous with her information, especially to those who reciprocate when they can.

I will pm people with information, as well. An extremely popular hotel in London became unworkable and I have pmd girls to tell them about two viable alternatives within a five minute walk of there. One of those I learned from another member and the other from my personally having walked by it and taking time over the week to scope it out repeatedly. I don't post about them because I don't want either of these options to be overrun with indiscreet escorts... Particularly the ones who don't give back anything in information.

I would never be protective of another advertising directory, however. I resent adultwork and I would love to see viable competition catch on. So if I have success with a directory, I want to tell everyone about it and see it succeed. More escort profiles means more traffic to that site.

If you just pop on here and the only thing you ever post is a request for information, without engaging others in discussions, don't be surprised if you get a lukewarm response.


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Re: Where To Advertise
« Reply #355 on: 15 October 2016, 03:28:58 pm »
I could not agree more, happy to share regarding advertising or tips for websites/profile. It doesn't take much to just PM a thank you, common courtesy as far as I'm concerned. It's give and take isn't it.

Attitude is key. Paris is particular has shared so much I'm rather lost as to where on the forum Suzy found this hostile attitude  ???


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Re: Where To Advertise
« Reply #356 on: 18 October 2016, 10:58:13 pm »
I have also been given lots of good info in regards to working and touring info over the years, LadyLust especially was a great help when I first started and I have helped others with info too over the years.

Yes sometimes there is bitchyness (those with attitudes that don't get that just because it's a public forum doesn't mean there aren't any rules to abide by), but Amy (and the other admin) soon sorts them out :-D

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Re: Where To Advertise
« Reply #357 on: 19 October 2016, 08:39:23 am »
The wealth of information that ladies (and gents) like Paris, Lady Lust, Amy, Ian, Fabulassie and others has been a great help.  Although I don't tour anymore (but I've not ruled it out for the future) and I don't post on here as much as I used to, I'm very grateful for the information that's put forward, as I'll never know what might come in useful.

The same goes if I have any useful bits of info.  I'll happily share it.

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Re: Where To Advertise
« Reply #358 on: 25 October 2016, 04:36:29 pm »
Has anyone tried one of the paid options for My-Local-Escorts? If so, any good?
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Re: Where To Advertise
« Reply #359 on: 25 October 2016, 07:16:16 pm »
Ive tried my local escorts. Inpaid the ten pound a month option. I never got one booking off it. I had calls but not sure if they were timewasters as all my visitors were off aw or adult zone or vivastreet. So ive cancelled it x