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Author Topic: Sensual/tantric massage thread.  (Read 416220 times)


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Re: Sensual/tantric massage thread.
« Reply #15 on: 05 August 2011, 06:41:59 pm »
I'm qualified in Swedish, Aromatherapy and Thai massage and use good quality products from the following suppliers: Eve Taylor, Kobashi & Absolute Aromas.  But if you run out of carrier oil, and need a quick suppy then buy Grapeseed Oil from the supermarket.  As long as it is plain Grapeseed and doesn't have exotic additions such as Chilli etc then it is perfectly safe to use on the body for massage.  Don't forget you really should be checking for allergies with clients, many people have a nut allergy so Sweet Almond Oil may be ok for some clients but not others.

You can always decanter it into a small pump bottle or something pretty.  I always pour enough oil into a bowl and warm it by dipping my hand in then transferring to the hand which is in contact with the client.  Otherwise a double bowl with warm water, or a wax heater with a cut down container in all work really well.  Hope that helps.

Annabelle XX


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Re: Sensual/tantric massage thread.
« Reply #16 on: 05 August 2011, 07:25:06 pm »
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Re: Sensual/tantric massage thread.
« Reply #17 on: 05 August 2011, 07:32:54 pm »
Hi all,

Does anyone have experience with these very upscaled tantric massage agencies in the city: carezz---, the little white jewels that come out of oysters (lol) etc.... They charge an incredible amount of money for a massage but I'm not sure what percentage is left for the masseuse and if they'll keep you busy enough. Any feedback anyone?


I work for one (not the ones you've mentioned).  The amount of work they get me varies.  I couldn't live on that alone, I'd say they get me about 2 bookings a week - it depends which receptionist is working!  They take 40%, sometimes more (they round it up  >:()
The clients are mainly Arabs - probably 2 out of 3, the rest are American, British, Indian.  Usually fancy hotels, which is quite fun, although sometimes residences.  The work is almost always late at night - I've had a couple of bookings at 7 or 8 pm but most are between 10pm and 2am.

I've heard some odd things about 'the one that you get 40 of when you're tired' and 'little white jewels' and my agency told me they didn't mind me doing indie work or working for another agency so long as it wasn't either of these.
'fruit like an apricot but bigger' pleasures are apparently not just a massage agency, I've heard that their girls are escorts as well
Maj***** told me that they couldn't take me on because I worked for another agency and they want all their masseuses to be exclusive to them


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Re: Sensual/tantric massage thread.
« Reply #18 on: 05 August 2011, 11:49:28 pm »
thanx for the info evie. I love the poetic phrases you use to describe the agencies. Very informative. I was guessing most of these guys were arab because the prices are really really high.
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Re: Sensual/tantric massage thread.
« Reply #19 on: 12 September 2011, 01:44:49 am »
Hi there

I have a variety of oils, depending on the clients skin and condition, I prefer to use Almond oil as i feel it has a better consistency but i always check if the client is allergic to nuts, if so then i use grapeseed oil and i buy my oils from Sally's beauty wholesalers or Dennis Williams works out cheaper as i buy in 4ltr bottles.

I charge ?80 for one hour massage and i am as busy as i want to be.

Have a look around your area and see what the going rate is.

Ella xxx


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Re: Sensual/tantric massage thread.
« Reply #20 on: 04 December 2011, 01:26:57 am »
Hello, I have just come across this thread and wanted to add my own post as I have experimented with different oils over the years:

baby oil- I have used this in the past only in emergencies if I take an out call appointment unexpectedly and can't get anything else right that moment. I have never had anyone complain of a bad reaction yet, but the smell is pretty strong and horrible!  Now if I am out and about with no oil and have to run off to do a massage, I just buy olive oil from any supermarket/corner-shop as at least it is natural and great for the skin, even if the aroma makes me salivate while wishing for some tomatoes and mozzarella. And before you ask, no clients have never complained about the smell of olive oil as most men have a weaker sense of smell than women. 

almond oil: a great rich oil which I have used for a long time for out calls. I always buy it online 10Litre at the time as that is cheaper. Have not really shopped around but used this company who have always been friendly and reliable:

grapeseed oil: for out calls to hotels I now use grapeseed oil from Waitrose as it is cheap and still reasonably rich (not as smooth and rich as almond oil though) and the smell is not too strong. As I have a Wairose close to my home it saves me having to go through the process of ordering online and I can buy little bottles of 500mil at the time so top up my supply every week or so.

Non stain oil: although very expensive this is the ONLY thing I now use for in-calls as it is much easier wash out of towels/sheets/hairy backs! I am not sure if it is completely natural of partly mineral, but no one has ever complained of a reaction to this oil. Also, it is very light and clients love the fact that it is so easy to wash off. I also take this oil if I do an out call to a clients home to make sure he will not be struggling to get any oil stains on his bedding/towel out in a warm wash. Here is the link the the supplier and product page:

P.S. I am a first time poster so am not completely sure if I can just post the links of the websites here, so please let me know if I am breaking any forum rules!
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