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Author Topic: Living and working in the same place  (Read 951 times)


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Re: Living and working in the same place
« Reply #15 on: 21 May 2022, 10:06:33 am »
I have lived and worked from the same property in some ways easier, but I did have a couple of clients turn up randomly, many be indiscrete even though they had told me discretion and privacy/not being seen was important to them.

When I stopped working from home I did feel a sense of relief in that I was not always watching where I put things, and felt safer when not 'working'.

I had had a couple of burglaries and an armed robbery when I lived and worked in the same property, I had never thought I would be targeted and was very vigilant after the incidents. That to some extent took a toll at the time, made me realise even though I was lowish volume (now even lower and outcall focused) how many random people I was letting into my home - and had had quite a few address collectors/no shows too.

omg that's horrible, this is the kind of thing that scares me the most in escorting. Could you give a bit more details about what happened (if you don't mind) and do you think this could have been avoided ? or was it completely unexpected ?  :( :(


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Re: Living and working in the same place
« Reply #16 on: 31 May 2022, 01:05:02 pm »
I’ve recently started working from home rather than travelling 1hr+ to a city, paying travel costs, hotel, etc etc. and the added time it would take. However I am low volume (usually 1 clients a day for min 2hrs or at a push 2 clients). I started inviting regulars to my home as it seemed more logical to do so, I trusted them some what. I also own my house so no need to worry about landlords.
I do now advertise my profile in my local area and accept new clients to my house however I try to do my best at screening (AW feedback, check their number on CE, sometimes I even check their pic on WhatsApp or search their number on FB).
I don’t give them much access to my house. Straight upstairs to my spare room, all other doors are kept shut. To some I have said I’m just renting the room from a friend whilst they’re at work to make it seem like I don’t live there. To others I say I have a boyfriend that lives with me (should probably stick to one story) but I find this might put off any stalking ideas.
I never give out my house number until I know they are close by. I usually direct them to the road before me, tell them to park there and walk around, giving very clear instructions about which house is mine.
I do have neighbours opposite me that are retired so I’m not sure how much they see or what they think but as I own my house I’m not really bothered. And as I said I usually only have one per day so the traffic is very minimal.
I have a security camera but I’m not sure many would notice it. I’m thinking of getting a ring doorbell as this will be very noticeable and hopefully put people off if they want to cause trouble.

So far I’m loving it. I don’t have to work as much as I don’t have other costs to cover. I can fit it in around my day, and if I don’t get booked I haven’t lost out on overheads costs.

My friend has been working from home for around 5yrs and had no problems


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Re: Living and working in the same place
« Reply #17 on: 31 May 2022, 10:04:01 pm »
I wouldn't, Two stalkers who caused me so much grief. No matter how well you vet guys you just can't tell if it's going to go south they can put letters through neighbours doors, as did a obsessed client to a friend I know and stalked her for 3 years.

It would save loads of money and if I could just move if things went wrong but I'm happy in my home so it's not possible.