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Author Topic: new to escorting  (Read 8594 times)


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Re: new to escorting
« Reply #45 on: 17 March 2012, 03:36:57 pm »
Mimiiiii, I was thinking about you earlier today you know. I was thinking hope shes ok cause last time we spoke you were going for your first client booking. Everything go ok for you I hope. I am ok and learning all about time wasters at the moment loll. Xx

curious virgin

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Re: new to escorting
« Reply #46 on: 26 March 2012, 01:58:28 pm »
Zara, I am up in Scotland, and have to admit the number of Indian escorts up here is beyond counting, so do not think that you are a lone worker.  Really, like said above, colour, religion etc does not matter here, what does matter than we are here for each other and to support one another in whichever way we have experience in.

Hope you find a suitable agency.  In the meantime, have a look through Adultwork and try and set yourself up as an indi, then you will be in control of your own monies and won't have to do any work you find you don't feel you dont want to.

Good Luck. xx

hiya i wanted  some information please. am consdering  joining a agency by the name of midland   belles. has anyone heard of this? and do all clients require physical contact?or are there clients who simply require company? thankyou