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Author Topic: University of Bristol research survey to inform the Home Office Select Committee  (Read 3598 times)


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...So anyone that struggles with grasping it is essentially struggling to grasp the concept of consent. Consent is the difference between rape and sex, assault and a boxing match, getting high and being spiked. They’re completely different things, one is a choice that needs to be accepted and the other a violation that needs to be illegal, like prostitution and forced prostitution;completely different activities essentially...


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If you're involved in erotic massage or/ and erotic dance, please email Dr. Natasha Mulvihill on
as these sectors are currently under-represented in the survey and few more participants are needed.
(The survey has to be completed in the next couple of weeks, latest.)
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Just resurrecting this thread as Natasha's book is published today. experiences-of-the-sex-industry [delete space before experiences for link to work]
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