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Author Topic: Hall of Shame  (Read 2410 times)


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Hall of Shame
« on: 10 October 2019, 04:53:48 pm »
When we started charging for media requests just under a year ago, we said that people "attempting to post media requests who do not pay up may find themselves in an online Hall of Shame".

Until today we've not needed to do that, and thank you to the companies who have helped enable SAAFE to continue. The tenners they've paid are the only outside funding we have.

But it's been a month since someone at Maroon Productions tried posting an ad, were asked for that tenner before it became visible, and we've heard nothing from them since.

One of their "key people" doesn't like pork and another doesn't like olives. Both those are fine, but it's sad that they seem to like exploiting people to make a profit, isn't it?

Especially as the company had over a quarter of a million quid "cash at bank and in hand" at the end of their last financial year reported to Companies House.

"Thank you for your time", they said in their ad. Well, anyone dealing with sex workers..

.. and they've done two series* of The Sex Business for Channel 5, complete with cringe-making descriptions like "sell their bodies" four fucking times in nine blurbs and getting teenager sex workers** to show their faces on TV..

.. should know it's not free unless they say so, and we very clearly said that it wasn't.

* Their website reckons three, but the link to the third goes to the second series on My5.

** You can tell the quality you'd be dealing with by the way that the blurb for the "Teens Selling Sex" episode is "The hidden world of those who sell sex to top up their pensions .. when most people their age are planning their funerals"!
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